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MindManager 2017 Advertising Popups
I get random popups advertising the 2018 version even when MindManager is not running.  How do I stop them?
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MindManager 2019 Installation Question
Hi there, Just wondering if it is better to uninstall Mindmanager 2018 before installing MindManager 2019 or will MindManager 2019 autom...
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to do list / mobile use & sync
Dear Community! First of all: Mindjet Manager is a great tool and I really enjoy it! Thanks! I am using it in different settings, e.g. a...
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When is the app going to be updated?
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Have you tried the new HTML5 export?
The new HTML5 export feature in MindManager 2017 is available now. If you are experiencing issues exporting your maps please describe you...
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Mindjet for iphone on iOS 11.0 does not work well
Mindjet for iPhone was removed from my iPhone in June as it was a 32 bits app and therefore at the time not compatible with iOS 11 betas....
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Cannot print notes
I cannot print my Notes, the selection within my print menu is not available, what am I doing wrong? I don't use any Microsoft Office App...
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MM2017 Help File Link Correction
I created a video to help you find the misdirected link in the help file
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Central resource administration
A quite blunt request for functional enhancement: I would like to have additonally a single central resource administration, no more with...
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