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Is there a way in MindManager 10.3 on a Mac to create multi-level Up organization maps - basically an inverted org chart?
Looking to create an inverted org chart so I can visually show root cause analysis. I can select the Up Organization layout for the Topic...
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Product Conformity
Make Mac and Windows versions conform please! They look and work like different products so moving between versions is different. Also th...
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Custom marker icon
Is there a way to customize marker icon and add my own icon into the verry limited library. I find a post that explain how to do that fo...
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Please can someone explain how to import custom icons into mindjet for mac v10?
I want to import my own custom ico or png files into mindjet and use them as icons. I can't find out how to do this on a mac.
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Mac Users talking to Mindjet - honesty please
an open letter to Mindjet... I own a small business that first purchases your product for Windows about 6 years ago.  It was good and, o...
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