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Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote
(from LCMJ)
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MindManager 14 and Word, Excel
Exportation impossible between MindManager 14 and Word, synchronisation with Excel
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Mindjet Map Crashes after iOS6 update on iPhone and iPad
Updated iPad to iOS6.0 (10A403). Opened a map from Dropbox that I use daily. After three clicks (to change a priority label) MindJet disa...
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Mindjet for iPad on iOS 6 don't save my changes!
I've been using mindjet for iPad for so long and it is always satisfying until I updated to iOS 6 the other day. It can't save my changes...
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MM Mac Update 9.6
Hi there, the check for updates link in my MM 9.5 is not displayed in the Help Menue, like described here:
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Unable to download new Mindmanager (v11)
Dear friends, I received my license keys but can not find on the site a link for download the product! Please can you send me a link o...
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MindJet Connect SP
Hi all :) I'm Michael and i want to try the MindJet Connect SP for SharePoint: i made a request for a one-on-one demo, but no one from ...
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