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macOS Mojave and MindManager 10
Mindmanager 10 is not available in macOS Mojave, an exception is raisedThe forum mentioned that mindmanager 11 is fixing this problem. Wh...
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Mac OS Mojave
Does anyone know when the issue with Mac OS Mojave issue will be solved?
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MindManager for Mac v11.n.n - BUG FIX & ENHANCEMENTS requests from the community
This is a community experiment to provide Mindjet/Corel with insight into a priority product backlog list of bug fix and enhancements for...
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MindManager 10 Mac crashes when I start typing
Since a couple of days, MindManager 10 Mac crashes as soon as I press the first key on my keyboard. I tried to re-install it, but this di...
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macOS 10.14 Mojave and Mind Manager 11
I just upgraded to macOSX 10.14 Mojave and Mind Manager 11 will not launch.  When do you think you will have a beta /support for Mojave ...
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Mindmanager 10.6.125 crashing after upgrading to macOS Mojave
After upgrading my mac to Mojave Mindmanager crashes at start up. I have read the other comments and do not accept that my paid software ...
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Mindjet for Mac and Merlin project
I've just discovered that I can import a  Mindjet mindmap into Merlin Project and almost instantaneously create the structure of a projec...
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