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,mmap file in SharePoint cannot open by MindManager direclty
,mmap file in SharePoint cannot open by MindManager direclty followed guide:
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HTML5 exporatation of one branch
Is it possible to export in HTML5 just one branch and children in the new release 17.1 I tried to do this but all the MAP is transferred ...
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MS Project export work
How can I export the task information "Work" to Project. When using the "Export to Project" feature only the duration is exported, which ...
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HTML5 export for Gantt view
First of all, HTML5 export feature is quite nice! I used it several times for now and it's much-much-much-much better than old-style swf ...
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Does anybody know something about gyronix updates for MindManager 2017?
Well, MindJet has recently updated their MindManager to version 2017. It's awesome, but Gyronix ResultsManager (and I guess Gyroq too) pl...
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