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New Mac Version?
Mindmanager 10 for Mac was released 3 years ago. Considering the recent release of Mindmanager 2016 for Windows when are we ever going to...
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import from imindmap?
I tried iMindmap 6 for a year and came back to Mindjet due to more functionality. iMindmap happily opened my Mindjet files and imported t...
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Product Conformity
Make Mac and Windows versions conform please! They look and work like different products so moving between versions is different. Also th...
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Mindjet 14 under Parallels
I have moved to a Mac Mini as my Desktop system. I have Parallels for this few apps I need under Windows. I have found Mindjet 10 for Mac...
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Can no longer phone Mindjet????
From: Patrick Duffy [] Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 11:56 To: '' S...
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