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MM Version
By the edit of a new conversation it's possible to select between the Mindmanger Versions.So it's possible to look here above the own ins...
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html export
When I export a map (MM2020) through *.html, I can open in the browser (chrome) of the laptop. That works fine. If I want to open the sam...
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Excel Export Settings
Greetings!  First of all, I hope that you are well and safe, continuing all your activities from home!  I've got several questions on Exc...
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iCloud Support
When will iCloud be added as a storage option to the Go App (now that MindManager 13 for Mac supports it)?
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Cloud 4.2 Update in Progress
We are currently in the process of rolling out an update for our cloud products, the current update (4.2) includes fixes and new features...
  • Sia, 4 months ago

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