"A New Mindjet is Coming" and existing software assurance plans

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I've just received a notice from an Australian distributor regarding Mindjet's intention to move to a subscription-based model across its full product range. The email links to a more detailed announcement here: http://pathways.mindsystems.com/mindj...

The announcement is both a little confusing and somewhat concerning. The subscription prices mentioned (in Australian dollars) seem quite high, although there are incentives in the form of a limited time window during which reductions are offered for those who buy new but current MM2012 licences or who upgrade to the new Mindjet 11 version if they already have a MM licence (though it is not clear which current versions are eligble for this offer).

Perhaps the greatest concern for many existing users is the lack of any mention in this announcement of any additional discounts or offers for those people who are currently participating in the Mindjet Software Assurance and Support program.

The announcement is also puzzling because I have not seen any reference to this new subscription model anywhere else, including Mindjet's own website. I'd appreciate some more information about whether the subscription model is being rolled out everywhere, some more clarity on the different subscription and upgrade options and some information on how current subscribers to the software assurance program are going to be treated.

Subject to confirmation that a subscription model along these lines will be introduced and the provision of answers to some of my questions above, I still have a range of specific concerns about the new model which I will discuss in more detail in another post. I also intend to prepare a cost-benefit comparison between the current ownership model and the new subscription approach.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi everyone

Thank you for your comments. The idea behind the new Mindjet is to get work done wherever you are and on whatever platform you prefer. The integrated suite is meant to help you be more effective whether you are working by yourself or in a group and is offered as a subscription.

For existing customers we have created special packages to help make the change to the new offering. Since everyone's situation is different, we ask that you contact us so that we may explain your options. Please contact customer service, and let them know that you want more information regarding how you can convert your current product to the new Mindjet.
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Call you? So you can read off a script to coerce and guilt someone into subscribing using a contract for x months and filling your pipelines for that time?
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I appreciate where you are headed with the planned functionality, I just hope you realize that there is some contingent of your users who can not utilize those services or have no need. For my company, we can not even use the current Export to Mindjet Player or Export to PDF functions because they need to access systems outside of our company firewall. Our asset management team has been contacting MindJet but have not received clear answers. It is our sincere hope that there will continue to be licensing (and appropriate feature set) for stand-alone instantiations.
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Ray, I know you have to be loyal to your board of directors Sometimes companies make decisions that you know are wrong but no one with decision making power listens. I find it rather sad that such a great product is losing its loyal following because of a misguided but stubbornly adhered to process of decision making. The world will march past Mindjet. Some mistakes can be terminal.
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Not sure why I have to make the effort to communicate with Customer Service; Apple and others find it easy to advise me "personally" of changes, promotions and when upgrades are ready....C'mon Mindjet - is it au revoir or bye-bye to the individual fans?
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Well...they lost another long time customer. Ok, I understand the new SaaS model, but paying $30 a month ($360) a year to basically draw lines and circles? No don't get me wrong, I am currently paying $50 a month for Adobe's creative cloud...but heres what you get: All their software ($3000+ value), web storage, web hosting, digital publishing ($350 value to publish an app!) and their software is updated often. Mindjet in no way offers anything close to that value! You might retain a few corporate clients, but pretty much sent everyone else packing. $30 a year...maybe....$30 a month...really?
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Well, I came here looking for MindManager and possibly purchasing the software. But it appears MindJet has shot themselves in the foot by completely cutting off access to new users, single users, small businesses, non-profits, etc. by offering a subscription plan only.

My coming here was based on some recommendations in books and to investigate the differences compared to Mindmapper. I have an older version Mindmapper and wanted to see what else was out there before considering an upgrad. Based on a $30 a month subscription cost ($30 * 1 year = $360) it looks like I'll be upgrading Mindmapper and forgetting completely about MindManager. Existing MindJet customers should look at MindMapper's products and single-user pricing. Also take a look at the Upgrade Pricing. I'll upgrade for $120. I will never subscribe to MindJet for $360 a year!

Corporations have no loyalties whether small business owners, individuals or their own employees. Corps will stab you in the back if it'll save a buck or make $2 more.

So much for gaining new customers MindJet. Oh, and BTW, for those of you employed by MindJet - good luck!
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I was looking over the features of Mindmapper and found it can load and save from web folders and mobile (Android) - and not for a $30 month/$360 year price. You can also use Mindmapper from a USB drive.

This nullifies MindJet's statement of "the idea behind the new Mindjet is to get work done wherever you are" to justify $30 month/$360 year pricing.
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I think this is a shame because I enjoy using MindManager for Mac. Unfortunately, this pricing model rules me out. I won't be upgrading unless Mindjet rethink this and come up with something suitable for small business owners. There are other products like XMind that seem similar and are much more competitively priced.
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It was nice knowing your MindManager/Mindjet... At $30/month, I'm out. Too bad you dropped the perpetual license option.

Mindomo looks like a good alternative.
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I was in the middle of evaluating the trial when I got the email about the switch to a subscription only service. I wish I had purchased a few days earlier. I've only used MindManger a but so far I've loved it and was really looking forward to getting it. Maybe $360/year is acceptable for businesses but as an individual it's just way to expensive.

If you once again decide to offer MindManager for the Mac with a one time purchase fee please let me know.

- Wiliam
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It does appear that there is a large cohort of single/small business/freelance users for whom there is not provision for in the new corporate pricing structure. The chances are that this group contributes very little to Mindjet profits (thus the reason for its ommision?)

As Mindjet has outgrown its early adopter/grass roots support users we need to adopt a new champion

I have a subscription to Mindmeister which I use for online collaborating with new mindmappers - it has a simple interface that is quick for novices to understand and work with, is affordable and mobile - but its is not good for large maps or printing

I also have a licence for iMindmap v 1.179 (which I purchased after realising the Mindmanger prices were just going up and up!) but I find the maps to classical for commercial work

What other mindmapping programs are other using?
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Look at http://www.mindomo.com. They have a free desktop version and reasonable pricing for online version with sharing, etc. plus mobile. And multiple languages.
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$360 a year for a mind mapping application? Well, if you would have done some research before making this change you would have noticed that the average price of an online mind mapping software is at least 300% smaller then yours. Big mistake Mindjet
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But yes, the idea of allowing online collaboration and being able to get work done wherever you are and on whatever platform you prefer was good, but unfortunately there are already many other websites offering this.
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$360 a year? I got a proposal for 428.40 EUR (so approx. 560 USD)..!
Compare their offer from different region if you can (USA, EU, ...). A quite interesting pricing policy at internet time...

At least Mindjet shall show a little more coherence.

A pity, but there is a lot of nice competitors for the way I am working. I will not move to the next MM for the first time since MM6.


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Just a Few Thoughts to add to the debate....

Hey don't you find it ironic that Ray's title is "Vice President of Customer Success". Yet here is Mindjet burning all those customers that supported it over the years despite its lack of completeness (bugs etc still exist in MM09).

Maybe the title should be "Vice President of NEW Customer Acquisition" as that is what Mindjet will need as its (current) LOYAL customers unable to afford the Mindjet Subscription Model look for cheaper alternatives.

Ray - no offence to you I have no doubt you are committed to the future success of your customers and Mindjet (as you should be) - unfortunately for current non-corporate users, the definition of customer for Mindjet has changed.

MM is a great product but I don't know how integral it really is to many businesses. I think it is much like MS Project - incredibly powerful but the core user base only uses a small number of its key functions. (how many of you have truly used resource leveling to adjust a projects program time frames?).

At some price point users will say "I am not paying anymore for (un)features I will never use"...I hope this is not the case with MM otherwise a lot of customers will walk to simpler more COST EFFECTIVE alternatives.

I place MM as software in the convenience category - nice to have and use but not essential .

And now for some basic marketing for Mindjet to consider.....

1) "Needs are finite but Wants are infinite" - we might NEED a Diagrammatic/Creative tool but we wont necessarily WANT MM.

2) The act of consumption changes the consumer and consumption is habit forming....yes and Mindjet had a really good opportunity to expand their customer base in different customer segments through tiered / feature pricing - the more people use it the more they will talk about it. At a point though everyone has their limit so a habit (using MM) gets broken.

In some ways Mindjet are actually "crowd funding" (I use the term liberally) up and coming competitors via current MM users taking their business to these smaller probably less feature rich but affordable MM alternatives.

I would be interested to see a case study on Mindjet's strategy and see how it plays out it would be fascinating - I wish Mindjet every success.
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On top of all the great posts above; I was just sent the Mindjet for Windows License Key that i purchased a few days ago and it does not even work! I get an error code saying the code is already used, please try a different one. I'm a new user and wanted to present this to my American Legion Post and i'm already thinking of cancelling the whole idea.

For the amount of money that is being charged for the service, I expect the service to work!
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@frecon we had a problem with the license keys, but it should be working now. Please let me know, if you still encounter a problem
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This has basically made up my mind to move. For small fry like myself paying £324/year is far too much. I’m only looking to use an intuitive mind mapping tool to map out my thoughts and plan. I would be paying extra for tools I’m never going to use. Doesn’t make sense to me. The web version is far too basic for my needs. I’ve been considering the following mind mapping tool for the past 6 months http://www.mindgenius.com/ It looks like it would fulfil my needs and most importantly sells as a perpetual licence. Also looks like I can import my mindmanager maps into mindgenius.

Mindjet has got too big for its boots and has left the little man behind as they try to squeeze as much money out of the big fish. The bigger a company gets the more money they try to scratch out of their customers instead of rewarding their loyalty. I part with sadness as I did enjoy your mind mapping tool.
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23 people have responded to the survey, here are the responses:

91% are current MindManager license holders.
43% are have used MM for over 6 years
91% did NOT find the old pricing system confusing
91.3% do NOT like the new pricing system "at all"
95.5% felt that the new pricing method is focused on the investor/stockholder
95.7% felt that MM changing pricing method back would be "a great move, by a company that learns and grows"
26.1% are freelancers
26.% work for a large corporation
39% work in other sectors

87% are looking at other options due to this new pricing structure

91.3% would stay if there was a good option for people on a small budget or freelancers, so long as it was NOT subscription based.
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Full numbers here:

1. Are you a current MindManager License Holder?

Yes 91.3% 21 respondents
No 8.7 2 respondents

2. How many years have you used MindManager?

0-1 year 1.75% 5 respondents
2-4 years 17.4% 4 respondents
4-6 years 17.4% 4 respondents
6+ years 43.5% 10 respondents

3. Did you find the old pricing system confusing?

Yes 8.7% 2 respondents
No 91.3% 21 respondents

4. Do you prefer the new pricing system?

Yes, definitely 4.3% 1 respondent
Yes, Its ok 0.0% 0 respondents
No, but I'll live with it 4.3% 1 respondents
No, not at all! 91.3% 21 respondents

5. Do you feel the new pricing method is focused on the user or the investor/stockholder?

the user (me) 4.5%v 1 respondents
the investor or stockholder 95.5% 21 respondents

6. If Mind Manger were to change the pricing structure back, would you consider that move to be:

Flip flopping/wishy washy 4.3% 1 respondents
A great move, by a company that learns and grows 95.72 2 respondents

7. Profession: are you a

Freelancer 26.1% 6 respondents
Jobholder 39.1% 9 respondents
unemployed currently 8.7% 2 respondents
educator 0.0% 0 respondents
working for a large corporation 26.1% 6 respondents

8. Has this move caused to you to look at other options?

Yes 87.0% 20 respondents
No 13.0% 3 respondenets

9. If there was a good option for people on a small budget or freelancers, would you stay with MindManger? (of course, this option must not be subscription based)

Yes 91.3% 21 respondents
No 8.7% 2 respondents
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Hi Mindjet Executives and others - Perhaps one of you is able to (please) explain the reason for the change in pricing structure and its strategic justification - in the absence of the truth people make up their own assumptions. Surely its not that "secret" that it cannot be shared with us? (Yes I know there are public announcements forthcoming)
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What a mess!

I sincerely hope founder Mike Jetter follows the writings on the wall, and can do what is needed to save the future of Mindjet, even if this means creating a conflict in the boardroom.

Nokia executives knew they where in trouble the day iPhone hit the stores, but due to large corporation dynamics, they continued to focus on short term profit (no to touch screens, sole focus on own OS...), instead of starting to do the needed changes. These changes are now under work, maybe too late, the destruction of stockholder value has been, overwhelming.
Yes, large corporations continued to provide Nokia products to their employees, but the user feedback is (what I hear from actual users) not uplifting.

The latest Mindjet move is something out of bounds, especially since the competition is providing very good value for investment today.
I would be glad to continue using latest Mindjet software, but being freelance, and starting to get used to iPad/Android pricing levels, I have real problems convincing myself to pay for the upgrade, times are difficult.
Why should I pay several hundreds of euros per year, when I can get good enough for much, much less?

Does anyone know where to find good information on migration to other applications (with Windows/iOS/Android support)?
Sorry to make this question here, but I've been financing the living of Mindjet employees and their families for over 10 years, so I feel I have the right to this question here.
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When other companies have finally understood that the subscription model does not really work and started offering standalone apps (xMind), Mindjet takes the whole wrong decision and goes the other way ... pity.
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I have been using Mindjet starting with Mindjet 9. I bougt the sofware assurance program, so I was able to get the latest upgrade, but that's it for me. I use this as personal productivity software that my company does not pay for, it comes out of my pocket. There is no way that I am going to pay $360 a year for a mind mapping year.
I will go back to using FreeMind and probaly use TheBrain http://www.thebrain.com/ more for some of what I was using Mind Manager for. I wish them good luck with their new business model. I'm not sure there is enough corporate buy in to mind mapping to be willing to pay what they are asking, but time will tell.
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MindManager user since v.6
Just tried on website my upgrade "offer" from MM2012 ... 300€ VAT included ...

TOO MUCH! Too much for the same MM desktop software (I really do not see any REAL improvement). Too much for services I really do not ask for and do no use.

I will not upgrade at this condition. Marcello (ITALY)

P.S. Xmind Pro now on sale at 79€ (new customer ... not upgrade) ...
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I should pay for a mobile version, but I have no iPad or so, because I ́m waiting for a Windows 8-Tablet PC. So I need only one device. As consultant I ́m working complete in the Microsoft system. The good Office-integration is the main reason why I use MindMananger. So for me and my customers it make sense to use a Windows Phone, but there is no version for Windows Phone, but I have to pay for a mobile version of MindManager??
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I've been using Mindmanager for 8 years. I still have a
Both price plan too high for me and software too buggy on mac platform.
I have switched to Mindview. Software ok with better export capabilities and less bugs.
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I have been using MM for 4 years. this is the second of my go-to programs that has moved to a subscription program. I will not upgrade especially when there are cheaper programs, that have not forgotten the individual user.

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