"A New Mindjet is Coming" and existing software assurance plans

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I've just received a notice from an Australian distributor regarding Mindjet's intention to move to a subscription-based model across its full product range. The email links to a more detailed announcement here: http://pathways.mindsystems.com/mindj...

The announcement is both a little confusing and somewhat concerning. The subscription prices mentioned (in Australian dollars) seem quite high, although there are incentives in the form of a limited time window during which reductions are offered for those who buy new but current MM2012 licences or who upgrade to the new Mindjet 11 version if they already have a MM licence (though it is not clear which current versions are eligble for this offer).

Perhaps the greatest concern for many existing users is the lack of any mention in this announcement of any additional discounts or offers for those people who are currently participating in the Mindjet Software Assurance and Support program.

The announcement is also puzzling because I have not seen any reference to this new subscription model anywhere else, including Mindjet's own website. I'd appreciate some more information about whether the subscription model is being rolled out everywhere, some more clarity on the different subscription and upgrade options and some information on how current subscribers to the software assurance program are going to be treated.

Subject to confirmation that a subscription model along these lines will be introduced and the provision of answers to some of my questions above, I still have a range of specific concerns about the new model which I will discuss in more detail in another post. I also intend to prepare a cost-benefit comparison between the current ownership model and the new subscription approach.
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Posted 8 years ago

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http://blog.mindjet.com/2012/11/a-new... by JASCHA KAYKAS-WOLFF

"...Over the past few weeks there’s been a great discussion about this change. Through this discussion, our community has been vocal that Mindjet is both used in collaborative environments with teams [Didn't see many of them of the forum!?] and by individuals This individual use case is a hallmark of Mindjet. Consistently we’ve seen Mindjet usage grow first from the individual and then to the team as their colleagues see the value of Mindjet"

In view of the fact that JaschaW made the above statement several months after forgetting about the individual user when MJ announced the SaaS offering I call fake. Mindjet executives messed up failing to see the intrinsic value of the single user and are still trying to dress up the SaaS as a saving

As a consumer I'm having a bad experience and now the company is glossing over its mistakes with meaningless magnanimous gestures inferring they knew all along what they have only just discovered!

Still sticking with MM2012 until it does not work under newer OS's
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Is my understanding correct?

If you purchase or upgrade to Mindjet 11 via a reseller and get a perpetual license, you could renew with just a Mindjet Web license. Your desktop applications will continue working, however you will not get any upgrades.

Will the desktop applications continue to be a client for Mindjet Web in this circumstance?
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Hi Andrew,

I just want to ensure that we are talking about the same thing. Mindjet is the full suite which includes Mindjet for desktop (v. 11 Windows and v.10 Mac) whereas Mindjet 11 only refers to the Windows desktop application.

Only in certain circumstances can you purchase Mindjet 11 as an upgrade. What I believe you are being sold is an Upgrade to Mindjet and you will receive a free perpetual copy of Mindjet 11 or Mindjet 10 free of charge.

At the end of your Mindjet term, you can choose to only renew the Mindjet web portion and continue to use the Mindjet 11 perpetual license. Today, yes the Mindjet web client will continue to work with Mindjet 11. I cannot speak to the future because we are constantly evolving the products and improving the integrations.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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I'm still unclear Valerie.
If I pay my $90 upgrade fee and receive MJ Desktop, will the Mac desktop version cease to operate on my Mac, if I do not pay the $180 fee for next years upgrade???
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Hi Mark,

If you pay $90 for Mindjet for Individuals at the end of your term, if you choose not to renew then your Mindjet desktop applications and Mindjet web will stop working.

What Andrew was mentioning was a special involving upgrading to Mindjet which also includes a Mindjet 11 license to keep. Let me know if you still have questions
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What else can they do? At least give them some slack to recover from their errors. Besides, we don't know their customer base and hence their business model may drop us and still be succesful.
A worst case scenario: the error that isn't an error at all, but dead serious. If you have an apprentice like this, you know there's a long way to go :-)
Of course, this is not the same as saying: let them beat you up again.
I'm happy with their adapted offer, but that doesn't mean I take it. Previously, I didn't think twice about upgrading. Now they made me think, and God almighty: it's a slow process :-)
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Hello Tom

Slack is cut where slack is due/deserved . An apology would warrant slack, an admission of poor design would warrant slack. I cut Apple some slack when they apologised for the issue with Maps and subsequently restructured their csuite

With regards to "what else can they do?" Mindjet could have asked the same question openly in this forum: 'We' (the people posting in this forum) had already defined the problem and provide quiet a lot of research data (competitors, current pricing, the way 'we' work etc.) Next MJ could have worked with 'us' openly in a public forum to brainstorm, ideate and design a creative and new solution. This approach would have aligned MJ with their individual users and possibly created a brand new model for those companies who are adopting SaaS as the next innovative solution to their required continual growth

Slack where slack is due. I'm moving off topic, I've nailed my colours to the mast. I do not believe the SaaS is the best approach to the provision of software especially for single users, innovators and early adopters, I'll keep using my MM2012 until in no longer works on one of my OS and I'll continue to test new mindmapping tools until I find one that provides me with most of my requirements (one being that the software is licensed/belongs to me for perpetuity

I'll keep the rest of my off topic opinions to myself and private correspondences :o) No offence intended
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Hey Myk,

No offence taken at all. Like you I will continue with MM2012 as this gives me at least the feeling that I'm in control of my expenses. Being self-employed and working for companies that are rather reluctant to open their network to whomever, the whole SaaS thing is not helping me neither. And frankly, their to do system was just a joke (no roundtrip engineering with MM, no GTD features like ResultManager offers, no ScrumBan implementation, just plain classic todo lists) last time I looked at it. Besides, mindmaps do not "synchronize" at all. They are just checked out and checked in again. So while for team mapping over the web it's fine, for desktop work it's a nuisance.

I do use Exchange online (because Google imap s..), Skydrive for Onenote, DropBox to synchronize my readings on different computers and SugarSync to assurre at least one copy of all files on all computers is stored away from where the computers are. If every software now starts adding it's own layer of SaaS and cloud backup, pretty soon we will have replaced a backup problem by a contract management and follow up problem! Pretty sure one day the cloud covers the sun ... and some smart guy will hack in to it :-)
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Hey tom.method,

You have touched on some ideas that have been bouncing around in my thoughts. I've been looking for a software solution with roundtrip To-Do System and GTD features, and Project Managment features, that would work for small teams on complicated projects that overlap with each project lasting a few months to a year and then ending and archived as a reference for future projects.

Has anyone ever ran across any Project Managment Task Tracking software like that? I have been trying 2012MM to see if I could set up a template but the to-do tasks are really too elementary.

I think "web only" based software apps forget that there is no web access in most of the world, and where there is, it is sometimes slow or inconsistant. My computing solutions need to be fully functioning installed on my computer and use data files on my computer. Certainly, the data files sync to Dropbox, Skydrive, or Sharepoint when I'm withing range of WiFi or 4G.

(Thoughts about a Project Managment Task Tracking software?
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Interesting stuff. Im not as passionate about this as some who have posted (on either side of the argument) here. It strikes me that Mindjet are simply trying to maximise their revenue in the short term (who can blame them in the current climate) and secure their long term profitability by trying to fix their customers into a rolling subscription. Many other software vendors do to - some by the traction that their products have in the marketplace (Microsoft) and others by adopting 'software as a service' (like Symantec has done quietly over the last couple of years).
This may turn out to increase their revenue (particulalry in the business arena) but is unlikely to do anything for their relationships with individual users (like myself) who tend to like 'owning' software like you 'own' your car (the analogy doesnt quite work, but you see what I mean).
I used to think that way about music, and now I stream everything I listen to down from Spotify, so maybe I will change but consider this - sometimes I buy software on a whim, as as sort of impulse buy. I use it as a trial, like it and buy it quickly. Some time later I realise that I haven't used it for a while, indeed an OS upgrade might have meant that it isnt even installed. Psychologically I can live with 'writing off' the spend on some of these impulse purchases with the self delusion that 'the money has been spent and at least I get to keep the software'. This doesnt happen with subscription services. I have just reviewed my budget and found a couple of subscription software services for things that Im really not using any more. I have cancelled them - the monthly reminder that Im paying for something that I rarely use is too much.
Im also staying with the last version I purchased, my collegues will be using open source but compatible software and so we can collaborate in other ways and I will be looking for an alternative as soon as my desktop version of Mind Manager ceases to work or is exceeded in capability elsewhere.
There are lots of alternatives. Software houses go through life-cycles of having to raise cash and alter their business strategy.
If it no longer suits you - move on I say, but without recriminations - it was a great piece of software and company while it lasted.
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If there is to be no more desktop based versions of MindMnaager without a subscription will it be possible to still obtain older versions and add functionality via add ons. I would like to be able to recommend even MindManager 7.2 to prospective corporate clients without saddling them with cloud based solutions that they are unfamiliar with and by all accounts extortionate in price compared with alternatives.

How can I obtain licences in the future to do this, as it feels like this is a fork in the road.

I set up the original Yahoo User Group back in 1999 and have found Mindjet can be sometimes hard of hearing to the wider community, At the moment it seems they have 2 fingers in their ears and saying La La La.
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I do not even remember, how long I am using Mindmanager.
First for many years on a windows System, since 6 years now on Mac.
I was always satisfied. Till now.
I will not pay the new fees.
Hope my Mac version will run until I find an alternative.

Good luck MM,
even if it seems, that you are just running out of it ...
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It is ironic that a software collaboration company refuses to collaborate with a large section of its customer base. I started using MM over 10 years ago. I was not sure I saw the value of it but a friend/business colleague was so effusive about it I started to use it for my small business. It was kind of expensive back then but not over the top. It just kept getting more and more expensive. Recently before the Saas a new copy of the program was over 300 dollars. I really love the product but to recommend it to my friends and other individuals was difficult due to the high cost. Most people would be hard pressed to spend 180 on some software they are not yet hooked on let alone yearly. Why do business men not learn from the other's mistakes? Microsoft Office use to be over 300 dollars and people found a way around it. Microsoft must have realized they were losing money so they wised up and now offer a home version 100 to 150 dollars depending on what you get (note that it is for a perpetual license.) I was still using Microsoft 2000 until I found out that the price came down and you can install it on more than one computer. MJ is not learning from Microsoft's mistake and subsequent epiphany. Let’s face it Office IS MUCH MORE CRUCIAL than Mindjet is. To me the computer is rendered virtually useless without MS Office. Not the case with Mindjet. I Love Mindjet but they are making it very hard to stick with them let alone recommend them. 180 dollars per year is still too much. Everyone makes mistake. Please Mindjet just admit it, fix it and move on. We will forgive you if you fix it now before we are all forced to leave.
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It ́s interesting to see their blog and facebook posts talking about collaboration, social business, how important it is to hear the customer etc etc.
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I am glad to see a positive move from Mindjet, but I think that $180pa is still too high. I feel that $90pa would be in the right ball park for an individual.
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Just so you're clear Darren. When you stop paying your $180pa (or $90 with their current user discount), you can't use any of the MindManager's you've downloaded within your subscription anymore. Your desktop access finishes. All of your MindMaps cant be accessed. Finished. (unless you want them as PDF's) This is not like MS Office where if you choose not to upgrade to MS Office 2010, you can carry on using MS Office 2007.
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This is NOT TRUE.

You can always open your maps (read-only) since your -even your older- desktop version simply switches to a viewer.
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I think you get to see them as read only in Mindjet, but that is all.
In other softwares, such as XMind, when your subscription expires, you can open and modify them in XMind basic. Other editors have the same policy as XMind.

Mindjet will have to change its policy if it want me to be client again (bought several upgrades of MindManager before).
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Is there a perpetual licence option for MAC?
I use MM for MAC every day but also have MM for Windows at home.
I read that now both individual and business subscriptions include both desktops, as well as iPhone/iPad? Is this the case?

If I upgrade from my MAC version to a business subscription would I get a perpetual MAC licence, or a perpetual windows licence (which isn't much use to me) or both?
A perpetual licence might make it worth having, at least for another year.
I have to decide in the next day or so as I am upgrading to a new machine with MountainLion (10.8) which I believe needs MM for MAC 10, and a perpetual licence might sway me towards the MM upgrade.

I don't want to move away from MM but while I've been an advocate for many years and with encouragement our large company is now using MM for individuals (but won't approve public cloud use), I have to buy the MAC version myself, so this is looking very costly.
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There are many individuals using Mindmanager in my company, there is even an user group (not much activity there). But it's not a corporate deployed tool and is not in our software catalog for downloading. Another mind mapping software from China is officially recommended as the alternative to Mindmanager/Mindjet. I have both installed and seriously considering migrating all my maps to xMind.
Mindjet new cloud features are absolutely not accepted in my company and (my personal opinion) I can not trust in Mindjet in the long term so migration to xMind seems to be a viable way for me.

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