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I would like to have the ability to create (one) boundary around two (or more) Floating Topics. In addition to that, I can see the need/desire to place a boundary around two (or more) Topics, and/or sub topics, and/or around two (or more) sub topics that exist in different Topics.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Mick Jones

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There is a similar thread which had responses:
"How do I draw a box (shape) around several floating topics?" about 2 weeks back... take a look at that. simple answer is that you cannot, but there is a dodge..

I agree it would be a good feature to have more flexibility in the way boundaries work.

the only way to visually group sub topics would be to use topic formatting (shapes/colours) perhaps? not really ideal.
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Mick Jones

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I found the older topic. this is what i wrote:

Mick Jones 14 days ago
I don't believe you can put a boundary around multiple independent topics, what you could do is to create a floating topic, then arrange your legends as subtopics under that floating topic... position them using the "growth direction".
you can format the main floating topic to have no lines or filler, and with no text, so it will not show on your map.
Then Insert a boundary around that floating topic, (select whatever shape you want), it will encompass all the "subtopics"

And Andrew added this:

Andrew Wilcox 13 days ago
Great advice, Mick. Exactly what I was going to say. :)

For info: You can create legends automatically in the map markers pain. Then float the legend topic and do the above.

The downside is you no longer have the positional control with the mouse of floating topics. You will have to use the topic format settings. You could also insert other invisible parent topics to create quasi floating effects!.

If you ever lose an invisible item either Select All or use the rubber band selector with the mouse to highlight them.
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When I say invisible I mean objects which have the same line and file colour as the background, not objects hidden by Filtering (selection or finding) or Show/Hide (relationships, hyperlink icons, etc.)
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Eight years passed - still using work arounds for such a basic functionality <face palm>