Bring back Mike & Bettina Jetter & return some sanity to Mindjet!

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I for one wish Mike and Bettina Jetter had never stepped back from Mindjet. Since they did the company looks to have been slowly dismantled from within and there appears to no longer be any passion, vision or innovation in the company, its employees or its products which all once commanded respect and appreciation from users around the world. Today there just seems to be customer dis-satisfaction on an ever increasing scale as Mindjet leap from what appears to be one bad decision to another.

There are even articles appearing on independent blogs (The Mind Mapping Software Blog) now supporting the feeling that Mindjet has moved on and forgotten the smaller user(s), sad acts and "lone rangers", who helped the company develop from the small idea of a brilliant mind at a time of personal tragedy and fear.

It is a travesty that the potentially very bright future Mindjet had is being trashed in this manner. Mike and Bettina at least seemed to value and appreciate all types of users and customers of all shapes and sizes and not just dollars on the bottom line which seems to be the current Mindjet driver.

Please, please, please get a grip and make some decisions that will correct this situation soon or you could find Mindjet the subject of a future case study on "How to make your next product launch a PR disaster!"
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Mindjet continues the change in direction towards Big Business. When I discovered Mindjet, I flew from Chicago to California just to meet Bettina. It was well worth the trip and meeting her was one of the high lights of my business life.

The problem I face is multifaceted.
1. I have hundreds (thousands) of maps built over the years in MJ.
2. It is still the most popular
3. It has become very expensive
4. The direction MJ has taken:
A. Ignore the small business or individual.
B. Move to the cloud.
C. An impossible website
D. Not possibley to connect with anyone at MJ that cares about real issues that prohibit usability of the website or the product.
E. Since mind mapping is becoming mainstream there is even more information.
This has created an overload situation for which mind mapping is ideal.
Yet MJ ignores the use of its own product as a technique to:
1. Present their own information (
Their blog and the 10 major subjects should be presented in the form or a map.
2. Sell Mind Mapping by using it on there own site as a navigation tool.
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I really do agree with you. Mindjet website is horrible (try to reach this forum from the main page, it's simply impossible), in their "Conspire" blog (terrible name indeed) they write about everything but mind mapping. I don't understand
why they don't use their corporate blog to sell their own products (just compare com Mindgenius, Novamind, Thinkbuzan...).
I have downloaded the Mindjet Tasks to my smartphone but it took just a few minutes to realize that it's heavy, slow and does not work offline; is this the kind of collaboration product they want to sell us ?
And what about the Mac version of Mindmanager, that is demanding an overhaul but Mindjet does nothing about it.
I have attended a webinar about the future of Mindjet and it was an wast of time.
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Try figuring out how to make a product enhancement request! Talk about a lesson in frustration.  I bet every user would like to see what types of requests others have submitted into the black hole.   Even better would be a mindmap on the Mindjet site showing categories as topics and subtopics.  Even more exciting would be a tech to let customers VOTE on what they would like to see. (And maybe even pay for)!