Can i sync only unsynced outlook tasks to avoid doubbles?

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I'm trying to find a good solution for handling my projects with mindjet mm but I can't get a good workflow with outlook tasks going.

When I create tasks in mindmanager they sync perfectly with outlook.

But the problem arises when I create tasks outside of mindjet, i.e. on the go on my phone or in todo or just flag an email.

There is a function to import all outlook tasks to mindjet through the query function but this function disregards the tasks that are already synced and organized in the mindjet map.

I would like to be able to only sync the un-synced tasks so the map is always up to date. Can this be done? Any real solution or work around is welcomed! The only limitation is that I can't install anything on this corporate pc.

Thank you!

 Enterprise version 17

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Posted 12 months ago

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The first thing you should do is find the guy in corporate IT that is responsable for installing the latest version.
 We are on MM2018 for almost 10 months now. MM Enterprise comes only with a mandatory MSA agreement so you are entitled to the latest version at no extra cost.
The effort on corporate IT side is less than an hour, -for all users - in most well organized corporations.
Once that is done, you may find that some, although not all, requests are solved.
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If I understand your question you are trying to run an Outlook query in MindManager that will import only those tasks which have not previously synced and incorporated into the map. It also looks like you have set up the query as an Outlook query topic in which case the search results will appear directly in the map as subtopics to this topic.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible at this stage to import only previously unsynced tasks to MM but I can think of a few workarounds. I'll start with options to handle this from the MM end:

1. You could run the query from the Outlook dropdown menu so the results appear in the Outlook task pane as a list. You can then click on the relevant results and add them to the map. The downside with this is that these tasks have to be added to the map one at a time.

2. Using either the task pane results list or the Outlook topic search options, you could refine your search in the Outlook Query dialogue box. For example, if you are creating tasks in Outlook they are probably going to have a start day of today or a later date and if they are new they are likely to have not been started. You could therefore reflect this in the query by sorting by start date and limiting the query to tasks starting today with a Not Started status. This might still include some tasks which were previously added, but should narrow the field down.

You can also try to handle this at the Outlook end by sending new unsynced tasks to MindManager, assuming the Send to MindManager button is visible on the Outlook Command bar. Your options are:

1. Simply send each task to MindManager as you create it in Outlook. The map you want to send tasks to should be open and an appropriate parent topic selected in the map.

2. Send tasks in batches. Create a table view of the tasks with either a Start Date or a Created column, then sort by either of these. It should then be easy to spot the unsynced tasks which you can select and send to MindManager as a group.

3. Use Categories. This method is a little complex. Add the Categories column to the table view of tasks in Outlook, then create a Synced category in Outlook. Create a dummy task with this category assigned to it and send the task to MindManager. This will import the Synced category as a tag and create a tag group for it in MindManager. Then delete the dummy task either in Outlook or MM.

As tasks are synced you can then add the Synced category to them either in Outlook or MindManager. You can then sort the tasks by category in Outlook and send any tasks without the Synced category to MindManager, remembering to add the Synced category to them after you do this.