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I was just doing some house cleaning on my map. I thought I was doing something fairly benign, and my entire map just wet the bed. I have about ten 2nd level topics off of the central topic. Two of those topics contain about half of the content each of the entire map... hundreds of topics and sub-topics each.

I wanted to put those two branches under the same parent, on the second level of the map. I created the new parent topic, then attempted to drag and drop each of the big topics under it. After a little hesitation it seemed to have done it.

I went to open each of the now sub-topics and they didn't contain any content!! The had a small filled in rectangle next to them that seemed to indicate that they thought they were links to other topics, but they were the originals!

I am in full-fledged panic mode at this point. Hundreds of hours of unreplaceable content gone. As it turns out my backups have been giving me problems in the last day so I have potentially lost 16 hours of work, at least. I am looking into my backups to see what I can get there, but it is pretty old at this point (see prior point).

Then I find the .mmap.bak file. It contains content from literally right between the paste operation of the two large topics. So, I rename the files and it opens OK. At least this is half of the content from today, but I cannot seem to get the large topic to paste over to the other map. I have them both open at the same time but it just doesn't seem to do anything when I Copy / Paste from one map to another!

If I can figure out how to most safely paste such a large amount of content then I can do it with a day old copy of the "other branch" of content I lost, and I won't be too bad off.

it goes without saying I am setting up yet another backup (this will make 3 daily) to cover my a$$ from now on because I just aged about 2 years in the last 30 minutes.

Please help me fellow MindMap Masters!
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Posted 6 years ago

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Uh oh! Sorry to hear that. I just forwarded this to our support team to see if anyone can help you out. 
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Mike - I have to say I have never had that in thousands upon thousands of maps, many of them with hundreds of topics. This is a job for Mindjet support and it might be best not to keep working on the maps but to keep copies, especially if the file size suggests the content is still in there even if you cannot access it. Corrupted maps can sometimes still be recovered by massaging their XML.
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A strategy for large cut and pastes with a single parent topic is to right click - send to new map. Then link to this map at the new location then import the map.

With large maps you may wish to play with the auto backup settings in options with regard to frequency and compression.

You be able to get maps back from the auto recovery folder.

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Funny to see you up Andrew - thanks for the info. I did have AutoSave on, and it did help me to get to the core of the work I did today. I had another backup from yesterday, but I have to say this really freaked me out. Most of the work I did yesterday revolved around reorganizing my hundreds of Icon Group members, and the 30 or so groups they reside in. Fortunately, because of Nick's suggestion above I was able to save off the new Marker Group and apply it to the day old map.

That was not without it's perils as well, because the first few map copies I tried it with, I kept getting the message: "XML processing error 0x8007000E" when trying to create the new group "From Existing Map". I restarted the program a couple of times, reopened the maps and eventually got it to create it.

I was able to successfully apply the Marker List Template to my best copy of the map. I manually copied over any topic content from my map saved right after the crash, which, when completed got me as up to date as I think is possible at this point.
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At this point, I seemed to have manually worked my way out of the disaster, and have beefed up my backups going forward. so the emergency crew can be called off.

I think I have seen a specific cause of the issue I have run into, and I can reproduce it by changing the position of either of the 2nd level topics that have a ton of content.

I was not initially aware of the mechanism the map used to output the topics into Word. I found that answer, and needed to rearrange the topics to make it come out right. It was when I click and drag the topic around on the central topic (to get it to output earlier in the output) that it changes the topic (with a folder link on it) to the picture attached to this post. In the attached image, this picture shows the two huge topic parents, "Dreams" and "Journals" as both having labels, when they never did... this screenshot was taken right after everything went bad, after I had both put them at level 3 on the map, and rotated the topics around to change the output order.

It seems to replace the folder "link" with a label....
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Apart from using the back-up and the auto recover options, I do two other things to ensure there are back-up copies of my maps:

  1. I save them (and most of my other files) in a folder linked to Dropbox by default. This has obvious advantages also in that if I'm travelling and I haven't saved a file I need to my notebook or iPad, I can access it from Dropbox.
  2. During the development process I regularly export large maps as Word files, especially ones that are destined to be turned into Word documents eventually anyway. This at least preserves the content as a hierarchy which could be imported back into MindManager as a last resort to form a new map, even though map elements like icons might not survive the process.