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I have a portfolio of different products (A,B,C,D) for which I want to
describe strategies according to defined sub-categories (like Sales@Application, Differentiation etc.). This is the first view I want to have (see attachment 1), which gives the overview about each product. In addition I need a second view the same content, but the "vertical" view. This means taking one of the sub-categories i.e. Sales@Application and show / compare the strategies for all products according to each category. (see attachment 2). The strategies will be updated continously but I don't want to update different mindmaps with generally the same Content twice. Is there a solution available?

If not maybe it is possible to adapt is easily with tags or filter?

Attachement 1:

Attachment 2:

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Posted 4 years ago

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It's impossible to have two views like this based on different central topics in the one map, though you can use tags and filtering to highlight the specific sales branches in your example.

You can however create something similar using a second dashboard map. I'm not sure how they work in Mindjet Files but I can provide an example from the latest Windows version of MindManager. This is because Mindjet have without too much fanfare just slipped the dashboard map facility into the standard as well as the enterprise version of MM 2017.1 (see the release notes page 6) - in fact it's so new that you won't advice in the help file on how to use it.

I'm still playing with this feature. As far as I can tell it will take a little bit of work to set up (and as I'm new to dashboard maps I'd welcome any suggestions on how to speed things up) - but once you have created a dashboard map it will update automatically every time the map is reopened or on demand. Furthermore, while they are intended primarily to show task progress, dashboard maps will also automatically update topic content as well.

After creating your main map you need to create the dashboard map. You can do this either as a new map file or based on a floating topic in the main map. When you set up this map you need to create a blank sub-topic at the highest level topic in each of the branches you want to track in the dashboard map. This is because when you link the dashboard map to the main map the subtopics are actually converted rather than added to - in the case of your example you would want a central topic and a main topic for each of the Sales and Application sub-branches.

When this is done highlight the first of new main topics, click on the dropdown arrow under Map Roll-up under Dashboards on the Advanced ribbon then click on Create New Map Roll-up. You will be taken immediately to your default map directory.

Select the map you want (and yes, you have to do it this way even if you are creating the dashboard map based on floating topic in the same file). You will be presented with the Select Topic to Roll-up dialogue box which will be a mini tree representation of the map down to the main topic level. Click on the cross next to the relevant main topic to expand; repeat this until you come to the subtopic level that you want, then click OK. The subtopic in your dashboard map will promptly be converted to match the equivalent subtopic in the main map

Repeat this process for each of the other subtopics. Then right click on the icon to the left of each of the dashboard topics and select Show Topic and Branch from the dropdown menu. This will expand the dashboard topic to show all the corresponding subtopics from the main map.

If you return to the main map and edit either the contents or the task information for any topic you linked to (or any topic that was a subtopic of a linked topic) then return to the dashboard map and click on Refresh All Roll-ups in Map the dashboard map will be updated automatically.

The opposite -trying to update the main map from the dashboard map - isn't possible as the dashboard map is read-only. You can however implement task roll-up within this map.

I'm only scratching the surface of what can be done with these maps. I probably haven't explained it that well as it's actually easier than it sounds to set up a dashboard, but to demonstrate what's possible I've included below a main map and dashboard map based very loosely on your example, with examples of topics with and without task information: