Easy way to identify differences between two maps in MM2012?

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Is there a way to straightforwardly identify the differences between two maps in MM2012?

Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader are examples of applications that allow you to open two documents and "compare" them, highlighting the differences. Can MindManager perform this kind of function?

I've been able to open two maps, and arranged them side-by-side and then manually compared them, but this is very tedious for large maps.

I've been forced to export MindManager maps into outline format, and then use MS Word compare function. The procedure is not 100% accurate, but it is a usable first-pass.

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Posted 8 years ago

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Thank you for the quick reply.

My immediate need was due to a self-generated version control issue. I created a map on an iPad ... local ... as I did not have a network connection. I later emailed the map to myself and edited it on the PC using MM2012. I then (incorrectly) edited the local map (version1) on the iPad not realizing I did not have the most recent version.

Yes, MindManager Connect would have simplified the issue, but there are some non-trivial issues with MindManager Connect. First, you have to have a stable connection. Not always an option on a mobile iPad or notebook. Second, there is the issue of security. Many corporations would have issues with the level of security available, and the lack of encryption. I would consider MindManager Connect to be about as secure as email.

I did mention earlier that I used "email" to send the map from the iPad to my corporate mail account. What I did not mention was that this is a "corporate" iPad, with a secure encrypted VPN to an internal corporate VPN gateway using an encrypted SSL stream to our internal corporate MS Exchange.

As a longer term issue, MindManager use is tiny in my company for many different reasons. It is a very powerful tool for "small" maps. Yes, you can create large maps with MindManager, but it is very, very, difficult to do "version control" on a large scale. Ideally, maps would not be one-shot documents, but would have long lifespans, evolving and expanding over time. Tracking and managing these changes easily currently can not be done. This need is orthoginal to change management and change review due to collaboration.

Without a comparison function it is also very difficult to identify if some portion of the map was unknowingly changed or deleted by accident. So it is as important to identify what has been removed as it is to know what is new and modified.

If you are a geek and understand that the MindManager file format is a form of XML, there are several XML tools and editors that will compare XML files.

Thanks again.
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This issue has been around since the very early days, but there is still no built-in feature. Mindjet Catalyst did offer slightly better options as it could automatically label changes made by individuals. There are some features that help to track changes and additions, but as you say, only comparison of revisions can identify deletions.

You might be able to get benefit from using some kind of external document control system, treating the map as a black box. This would help to identify and track versions & sessions by author, if not the exact detail of what has been changed.

There was once some technology inside MindManager for managing baselines and incremental changes inside the document, but this is deprecated now. However, a differencing system based on comparisons between different versions of the same document would not require any internal baselines or logging of changes.

It might be best to flag this as a suggestion for consideration by Mindjet.

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