End date does not calculate correctly based on duration units

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End date for a task does not calculate correctly based on the duration units being used. E.g., if a start date is set as 9/1/2017, and the duration is set for one month then the end date should be calculated to be 10/1/2017. But that is not what happens.
I understand that this has to do with the way the program calculates work based on the "calendar and display options" and that it is similar to the way Microsoft project adjusts dates and durations based on the resource calendar.
However, my point here is that I would like to be able to enter a start date and the duration of a certain number of months or years and have Mindjet calculate the end date based on that. It would be nice to have years as a duration unit as well.
My specific need has to do with work in an area of legal matters where deadlines are stated in terms of months or years from a certain filing date. In these cases the calculations are based solely on the calendar and the units being stated, e.g., any number of months will be represented as the exact same day – on however many months later. E.g., if the start date is 9/1/2017 and the deadline is 30 months later then the end date calculated should be 3/1/2020.
Essentially I want this calculation in MindManager to work the same way that the Microsoft Excel function "EDATE" works. But again, it would also be nice to have years as a unit.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I think the issue here is partly to do with the calendar and display options, but is also because MindManager tries to maintain a consistent working week as a basis for calculating duration. MindManager uses the workdays nominated in the calendar options to construct this standard work week and then assumes that a month always equals four of these standard weeks. Therefore it can't handle calendar months.

This leads to some strange anomalies. For example, if you enter 1 January 2018 as the start date and 1 January 2019 as the due date MM will claim that the duration is 13 months, obviously because there are 13 four-week "standard months" in a year.

I certainly agree it would be useful to have both calendar month and year options though I'm not sure how MM would handle the duration calculations in terms of the actual work days involved.