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I have to export mindmaps to excel and it is obligatory that the numeration of the branches and sub-branches goes with it. Unfortunately that's not the case. Is there any other solution than copying the numbers by hand? Please help!
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Hello Bettina

As far as I know, the automatic topic numbering in MindManager is not available to other export formats. The number is not part of the topic text, but is displayed only when the map is shown in the MindManager window. If you need numbering that is exported to other formats, then there are two options:

- Turn off the built-in numbering, and manually add your own numbers to topic texts, or

- Commission a MindManager script that will automatically number the topics in a map by inserting text into the topics, and will update existing numbering when topics are added, deleted or moved.
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Hi Bettina,

There is a way to do this, but it's a little complex and involves the use of Word, which is the one format that transfers MM map topic numbering or at least reproduces it. Actually there are three ways, depending on what result you want:

A. a simple single column spreadsheet of numbered topics or tasks;
B. a two column spreadsheet with numbering in one column and task/topics in the other (with the latter indented or not), or,
C. a spreadsheet with a single column for the numbering and the tasks indented in multiple columns (for example, top-level tasks would be in column 2, second-level in column 3 and so on).

I suspect you want option C but I'll explain the other two first because they are also involved in achieving option C.

A. A single column of numbered tasks in Excel:

1. Start off with an export to Word. Go to File, Export and choose the Export to Microsoft Word option and follow the instructions to create a new Word file.

2. When the Microsoft Word Export Settings dialogue box appears, select Use custom settings under Outline numbering (this seems to produce better results than the default template numbering) and choose the level you want to number or to and the extent you want to indent and then select other export options as appropriate. Then export the file.

3. You should end up with a Word file with a series of numbered headings which reflects the numbered topics in your map. The consistency may not be perfect, but I suggest you play with all the options until it is working the way you want. This is also important as the export to Word is the basis for the other two options.

4. At this point you can do one of two things - copy and paste into Excel, or convert the list of headings into a table in Word and then copy this into Excel. The latter is a little more complex approach but it is essential for the next option:

B. A two column spreadsheet, with numbering in the first column and the topics only in the second:

1-3. Follow the steps outlined above in A for a single-column spreadsheet.

4. Convert the list of topics/headings into a table in Word as in step 4 above. Then insert a column to the left of the existing column. You will find that by default Word numbers this column to match the paragraph styles in the imported column, which will through the latter out of whack.

5. You will find that by default Word numbers the empty cells in this column to match the paragraph styles in the column imported from MM, which will throw the latter out of whack. Don't panic, as we're going to get rid of the numbering in this column - to do this, highlight the imported column only and do one of two things; either go to Paragraph tab on the Home tab on the ribbon and click on the numbering button, which will remove the numbering and indent the topics/headings, or click on the little arrow next to the button and choose None under Numbering library which remove the numbering but leave the topics/headings in a straight column.

6. This should leave the first column with the numbering and the second with the topics, Copy the resulting table and paste into Excel.

C. A spreadsheet with a single column for the numbering and the tasks indented in multiple columns:

1-5. Follow the steps outlined above in B for a two-column spreadsheet.

6. Go back to the map in MM and export it as a csv file (I assume you know how to do this). In the Export to a Spreadsheet (csv) Settings choose Outline under Layout.

7. Open the resulting spreadsheet in Excel. Insert a column to the left of the spreadsheet and click in this column on the cell next to the topmost topic.

8. Go back to the Word document, highlight the numbered column that you created there (and only this column) and copy it (even though you are importing this column only it is still important to follow the procedure in step 5 above to turn off the numbering in the second column to ensure the numbering in the first column is correct).

9. Return to the spreadsheet in Excel, paste the column of numbers in the spreadsheet's first column so that it matches up with the topics in the spreadsheet. Check carefully that the numbering matches up correctly with the topics throughout the spreadsheet.

Please note that the numbering you have imported to the spreadsheet is not "live" and is regarded by Excel as being text. Any changes will have to be made manually.

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