Having both v14 and v15 installed at the same time is problematic

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First, within MS Project 2013, the add-in icon is identical between V14 and V15 (as is the app icon on the Windows taskbar) and even when the V15 add-in is removed, the Send to Mindmanager sends data to V15, even though the only add-in left is for V14. Kind of a mess for those wanting both versions on their machines. In addition, the placement of the Add-in icon within MS Project is just wrong, it should be here:

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Jigs Gaton, Consultant

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  • hopefull this will be fixed.

Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Jiggy,

Multiple versions of MindManager can coexist quite happily although only one version can be associated with the Mindjet MAP files type (.mmap, .mmat, .mmas, xmmap etc).

When you install a new version that usually gets marked as the default application for the file types but not always. Sometimes this needs to be done manually through Windows file association.

In general there are not many reasons to have multiple versions installed unless:

a) you have an add-in that is not compatible with the latest edition
b) rely on a piece of functionality that may have been deprecated
c) you are using a trial version for evaluation purposes

If any of those do not apply then there is no real benefit to having, say, MindManager 14 and 15 on the same system. It just consumes resources that you could release for other applications.

If you have upgraded your copy of MindManager, especially under the MindManager Plus license which includes free updates then technically you are not licensed to use the previous version and it should be removed.

That said, with regards to the MindManager integration with other MS applications one possibility you could try is customizing the ribbon menu within the Office app. Although I have not tried this in MS Project I would think you may well be able to:

a) Remove the unused MindManager entry from the ribbon
b) Relocate one or both entries to the ribbon and location you would prefer them to be
c) Relabel the commands so you can differentiate them and leave them in place

Speaking from experience it is easy to forget that these capabilities are there and this might solve your confusion while you are using multiple versions side by side.

As for side by side installs I have one system that has every copy of MindManager installed from MM2002 onwards. It even has a copy of the original MindMan Personal installed from 1995!!!. Apart from a few minor issues they all work perfectly well.

I hope this helps.

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Jigs Gaton, Consultant

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thx Nigel, but having both V15 and V14 on a windows 8.1 system running 32-bit Office 2013 is just not workable in terms of the add-ins. V15 clobbers the older add-in.