How can I change the icon associated with a tag or marker?

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The default icon for a custom tag is a hanging price tag. How can I change this to one of the other available icons? For example, if I want to create a map of tasks and anticipated duration for each - using duration values of "<1 Month", "1-3 Months", "4-6 Months", ">6 Months" - how can I change the tag icon from the price tag to a calendar, and have all of these discrete values take on that calendar icon when added to a map topic? I'm not ready to turn the map into a Gantt chart with start and end dates, resources, etc. Thanks.
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This works with the SmartRules in the advanced ribbon
You will find the rules there. Habe a look it and you will understand how the rules work

I did a video for my new master class, but it is in German.

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Or you could use the icons you want instead of tags.
You could create an icongroup that you name, and place the icons in there with Mutual Exclusive on.
And in the Icon view you can do similar things as in tag view.
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The image for tag markers cannot be changed from the "price tag". Assuming that you want to continue to use tags (and not switch to using icon markers), you can assign fill colours to tags, so each value could have a different colour tag. This make them easier to distinguish in the map.
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There is a calendar symbol group that you can add. Mayber there are the calendar symbols tyou need.
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I think your question raises three separate issues.

The first is the "price tag" symbol MM uses in the Map Index and on topics for tag groups, which Nick has dealt with. The second is how to use tags to show duration if you don't want to set specific task start and due dates and third, whether there are better options to do this.

If you really want to use tags probably the best way would be to set up a tag group called "Months" and then set up individual tags such as "1", "2-3", "4-6", "6+", etc, assigning them different colours as Nick suggests. However, there are better alternatives.

The first is as Ary has suggested to use icons. Another is to use topic properties. You could set up a property called "Months" or "Duration" and make it a text property with the same labels you were proposing for the tags. Alternatively, you could make it a number property and assign each property an individual value between 1 and 6.

The advantage of the numeric topic property approach is that it would allow you to use formulas on the properties, so you could add all the Months" properties of subtopics in the parent topic to give you an overall idea of the total number of months involved. You could also find things like the average, maximum and minimum durations.

You can also combine either a text or numeric topic property with tags through SmartRules. This would be slightly easier to achieve with a numeric topic property, so for example you could set up a SmartRule to add a "4-6" Months tag to all topics with a Months topic property greater than or equal to 3 and less than or equal to 6. To do this you would need to set up the tag group and tags as create the topic properties before writing the SmartRules.