How Would You Improve Google Search in MindManager?

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The current Google Search Map Part is no longer working in MindManager due to Google deprecating the API. 

The feature has remained unchanged since MindManager 9 and could benefit from a refresh. 

How would you suggest improving the Google Search functionality in MindManager? 
What use cases did you have with using the old Google Search functionality? 
What uses can you think of with using a new and improved Google Search Map Part with enhanced functionality? 

Any and all input is welcome. 

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Posted 4 years ago

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Use Case:
I use it during training sessions since it shows a huge time gainer. Have you ever tried to google something and found yourself lost in space because so much is of interest? Would it not be a huge benefit that you can find your way to the answers to the original questions?
Ofcouse you can do that in your browser, but MindManager has a builtin browser and that allows you to use the content directly in your business - mindmap. That saves a lot of time.

Google Search mappart as it is, provides this.
Enhanced functionality to this would be an option to visualize the breadcrums on how you got there.
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User case:

I make extensive use of the MindManager Google search part as a key tool in conducting research and the preparation of documentation as part of my consulting work as well as in writing posts for my two blogs. I have also developed techniques to enhance the search tool for these purposes and have written a brief guide to these techniques.

Short-term priorities:

  1. Release a patch for MindManager V15 and V16 which replicates the basic functionality of the deprecated search map part and incorporate this into V17 when it is released later this year. This should include the basic Google search syntax which was accessible through the old map part.

  2. If the option to incorporate a patch into existing versions isn’t possible, at the very least build a basic version into V17 or into a point upgrade to V17 as soon as possible.

Longer-term feature enhancements:

  1. As a minimum, add date fields which can handle both absolute and relative date ranges and which can be inputted in conventional rather than Julian date formats (the latter being the only date format which the current map part supports).

  2. To the extent that the new Google search API allows it, incorporate the other fields available in the Google Advanced Search as properties in the new map part such as all/any words, exact phrase, number and date range, region, etc, along with the Google advanced search syntax.

  3. Provide the option to filter search results to show only news, videos or image-related sites.

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I have thought of two more enhancements:

  • The current (non-working) Google search map part generates separate sub-topics for each result up to the number of results specified in the search with the URL link attached, each with a note attached to each search topic result containing the first line or two of the found website. This is a logical approach but there are times when it might be more useful just to have the search result URLs added to the search topic without creating sub-topics.

  • Similarly, even when separate sub-topics for each result are desirable, having a note attached to each of these containing some text from the found website is useful but this should also be made optional.
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Please make the google search feature work, period. 
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I think we can all agree on that!
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It would be great if someone from Mindjet could provide some feedback acknowledging that they have noted and are considering these suggestions.

It would be even better if they could update the proposed timeline for resolving the problem and in particular respond to the request that at least a basic fix be provided in the short term.

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As a non medical professional, my only thought is "do not hold your breath"
Sarcastic, yes, but the truth.