I use Mindmanager less & less, but more focused

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I ́ve been using MM for several years. I have customer that almost do not know my name, they call me "Mr mindmaps".

But lately I ́ve been frustrated. I like Microsoft OneNote more and more, I use Trello daily, I really like Dapulse, Asana is used in several projects etc.
Until now I have not been able to pinpoint why I like these tools. Ok, they are all cloud based, but that can ́t be the reason.

I ́m not a UX specialist, but I think I have found the reason: MM is all file based! It is not possible to have the overview over a whole project portfolio, like in OneNote.
I open a file, work in the file. save it and close it. Then I open another file.
Yes, there are tabs, but it is not practical to have 25 files open. Yes, I can link maps, and propagate changes. And more.

Another reason is the possibility to easy share on "all" devices. All the tools is possibil to share instantly with customers or other involved. Just click and share via mail. No need to send a PDF or export and send HTML.Or build something in Zapier.

Perhaps I ́m missing some super functions, that ́s make sharing and using mindmaps for customers/non MM users, as easy it is for them to get started on dapulse e.g.

On the other hand I use MM even more (is it possible?) for planning, workshops etc.
But after that I leave MM, and use other tools when it comes to "operational project work".

It would be very interesting to hear what other says about this. I would like to use MM even more.

Best regards
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Posted 3 years ago

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Interesting. I agree that the two aspects which you raise, project overview and simultaneous map sharing/editing, have not featured that much in MindManager's development until recently.

With version 17.1 and onwards there has been some improvement at least in relation to project overview. While it can take a bit of work to set up, the new dashboard map (Map Roll-up) feature provides a way to create an overview across multiple maps. You can set up different perspectives across these maps by selecting different topics or sub-topics to link to. The one major limitation at least in version 17.1 is that filtering doesn't work in dashboard maps, which is a shame (I'm not sure if this has been fixed in 17.2). This feature needs more work but has a lot of potential.

Simultaneous map sharing and editing is another matter. There appears to be a wide range of tools for sharing - HTML, Zapier and Mindjet files, but none of quite fits the bill for what you want (and the latter appears to be unavailable to new users). Hopefully this is an area which MM's new owners, Corel, will improve on.

There may also be another deeper issue at play here, however. Most of the project management tools you mentioned seem to be based on a relatively simple underlying table structure. This allows the user to slice and dice the table in multiple ways to concentrate on specific aspects of a project in a manner which is easy to read even on phones or tablets. 

In MM comparing, say, product development across separate branches is much more difficult. Even for my admittedly modest project management needs I will sync tasks with Outlook and manage them from there.

Like you however I tend to use MM much more for the initial planning of a project or outlining an article or report (in fact, I will often do a lot of the writing for an article in MM before transferring to Word) rather than for project management.

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Good thougths.
Just like you say, set up a dashboard take a while. And that is just the problem. Another problem that maps are changing during a project, so the set up has to be changed from time time.

To illustrate the question of overview:
In OneNote I have ten projects (note books) with a lot of tabs and pages. I can easyli navigate from project to project, I have links between them etc. To have the same amount of information in mindmaps I need to have a lot of opened files.
OneNote opens in seconds, several big mindmaps take loong to open, spec. when stored in Mindjet Files.

Btw: is Mindjet Files not part of the solution for new users? Or Project Director as it is till called.
Corel has a lot to do in the sharing functionality.