I cannot open a Mindjet Files folder on my iOS devices but I can in Mindjet 11 PC

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At the moment:

On my PC via MIndjet 11 Windows I can navigate Mindjet Files to a specific folder and open a map.

On my iPad I cannot display any content in Mindjet Files: no folders or directories. Dropbox works fine.

On my iPhone I can display folders in Mindjet Files and I can open maps but I can't display the contents of the same folder I can see on my PC and open those maps.

I have restarted both apps. The iPhone has a file to be synched but I can't get it to sync.
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Posted 8 years ago

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On my PC and iPhone I have the same accounts (Mindjet subscription, Mindjet Connect Free, shared accounts of other users), folders and files. I can see them and open them all.
I use iOS5 and I don't have dropbox selected as a storage service.
Perhaps it is the combinattion of both Mindjet Files and Dropbox?

To sync on the iPhone click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen.
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Thanks for comments Esther. I am on iOS 6.0.2 on the iPhone and iOS 6.0.1 on the iPad, latest for both of them.

Mindjet Files and Dropbox are like having two different drives on your PC. They should not interfere with each other in any way. A file can only be moved or copied between them. It can't exist as a synchronised duplicate on both at the same time (currently). And I haven't been trying to do that.

The Sync button operates when I open the Mindjet Files "drive" but it keeps synchronising and does not finish. When I shutdown and restart the app the 1 is still next to the synch button. And no folders are opening. My Mindjet Maps on iPhone has stalled permanently! Perhaps I will uninstall and reinstall the app.
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On the iPad "Connecting..." to Mindjet Files folders is an unending message.
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HI Andrew (and thanks for the assist, Esther!),

We have seen this just recently with a couple of Mindjet employees who have very large Mindjet Web accounts--lots of shared folders, multiple accounts, but this is the first we've heard from an external customer.

A few questions:

• Is this occurring over wi-fi, 3/4g, or both?
• Does it coincide with an outstanding file synch, or does it happen regardless?
• Would you say that your Mindjet account is fairly large and complex, insofar as it may have multiple folders and sharing privileges out to other users, and accounts shared by others to you, or is it more of an account discretely dedicated to your personal work?

One workaround we've had some luck with is to sign out and then sign back in to the account--clunky, I know, but it may help. I did ask the QA team to have a look at this earlier this week, hopefully your info will help us narrow it down. Thanks.
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Both iPad and iPhone are WiFi only.

Difficult for me to say. I am just starting to learn what I need to be aware off e.g. synching and checking out.

My account has

1 10 user Mindjet account
1 Mindjet Connect Free Account
Access to someone else's Mindjet Connect Free Account

3 Members
7 Guests
9 folders containing 22 maps

Not a big load!

Logging out of and in to Mindjet Files on my iPad has given me access to a folder. I can now see the files. But a tap on a locked map is in a loop. It has not opened after 2 minutes and the app is frozen. I closed the app and restarted. Mindjet files has not been retained as a Cloud Store - logging in again.

I opened some locked maps on my Free account. No problems. Presumably I will have to unlock them on Mindjet Web? I can also open a file in another folder in the 10 user account but when I go to the folder I want to open the files in its "Connecting..."

Same on the iPhone :(

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