I use Mindmanager to take meeting notes and share with people who don't own Mindmanager. What's the best way to share my maps with them?

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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi Judy,

My comments are based on MM 2012 for Windows. I'm not sure how much of the following is relevant to the Mac version, but based on a quick comparison of Windows and Mac features I think most of these suggestions are applicable to Macs.

The best option for sharing meeting notes depends a lot on the structure and amount of detail in your notes, how you want them to appear and whether you want people to interact with them.

For example, are all the notes expressed as map topics, or have you used the topics more as headings with the discussion of meeting items stored in the topic note for each item?

Also do you want the visual affect of a map, do you want people to provide feedback via a map or do you want to provide a detailed text summary of the meeting?

If the notes are fairly brief, you haven't used topic notes, the map of the meeting when fully expanded easily fits onto one page and you want to distribute it as a map, you could simply export to PDF and send it around that way.

If however it is more complex than that (for example it has a lot of topics and/or you have used topic notes) but you still want to distribute it as a map, you could export to PDF as Mindjet Viewer. People would receive a map they could click on to expand topics, read topic notes or even activate hyperlinks. Aspects of the map layout may however differ from the map as you created it and not all features will be exported.

(The other option for distributing the map as a map which I think is currently available for Windows users only is to use Mindjet Connect to share the map with other people in your organisation).

If you want to distribute a text-based copy of the meeting outcome you can simply export the map to Word. In the Windows version at least you can control the the number of levels to be exported and whether certain items such as topic notes and hyperlinks are included. This is obviously the best option if the meeting outcomes are very complex and/or you need "traditional" meeting minutes.
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Other solutions are:

Use MIndjet Connect (both Mac and Windows) and invite the people you wish to share your work with.

Let them download mindmanager for their platform
On windows and mac this a 30 day full blown verrsion that switches to viewer only if no license key is purchased.

Let them see the mindmaps on their iPhone, iPad or Android, (all free downloadable)
Use dropbox to share your maps.
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Sorry - I stand corrected regarding Connect. I wasn't aware it was available for Mac users as well.

Ary's other suggestion regarding using MM as a viewer even after the trial has expired is a great idea. So is downloading to a an idevice or Android via dropbox, but unless the map is very small I'd suggest a tablet rather than a smartphone.
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With Mindjet Connect, the invited collaborators can also view your maps with their browser. Connect also allows you to let them edit too if you want true collaboration.
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If they can all access a network drive one of the web exports may suit the purpose. They work without being on a web server. Alternatively a secure net drive such as Dropbox or Skydrive. Or a web server.

Using Dropbox to share structured knowledge with MindManager
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Thanks for your replies everyone. I'm pleased with how quickly people began responding to my question.

I sent my client a flash file as well as a .pdf of the map.

Honestly I don't think Mindmanager is a very friendly application for people who aren't very technical. Other than sending a word file or .pdf everything else requires the recipient to download or subscribe to something. Although the requirements may seem minimal I still find it annoying that I have to tell people unfamiliar with the app that they will have to take another step to see the meeting notes.

Mindmanager is great when I'm working with others who have the application. Not my first choice otherwise.

It also drives me nuts that formatted notes don't get printed up with the mindmaps or outline. Yes I could export them to MSWord but then I still have to do some minimal formatting.

Don't mean to sound so negative because I love using Mindmanager but I wish it was easier to share maps with non-users.

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