Educator Discount - Mindjet Connect, Collaboration Options, and Equality in Mobile Apps

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Here are some suggestions,

1. If you join anothers mind map in mindjet connect, you should be able to disconnect that relationship even though they invited you. If i am cleaning out my mindjet account and some old projects are lingering in my file system, I would want to have the ability to disconnect that relationship. As of right now, if they initiate the relationship they have to discontinue that relationship. You should have the option to disconnect.

2. As an educator, i love using mindjet connect to connect notes taken in my class with other students. The problem with this is I do not need 3 administrators and I would like folder options. Since there is an educational mindmanager software (which i got), there should be an educator mindject connect payment plan, where one administrator is needed. I can see this being implemented in several classes.

3. Also, I would like to see mindjet connect in the android version of the app, also would like to change the them of the map to organic as well. I can't even find organic theme in the mindmanager application.

What do you think?
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Posted 9 years ago

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As an educator myslef also, I would add a fourth one...

4. The versionning. You have no idea how many mistakes I could do in a day. So, the ability to go back in time (technology speaking) would be awsome.
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lots of good feedback here. Just a couple of points of clarification.

I agree...being able to remove yourself from someone else's account should be a right we give the user. Or at minimum, be able to "hide" those accounts from your view. See also

The Business edition of Connect does not come with 3 administrators, it is simply 3 seats where you (the owner) consumes one. So for $45/mo you can get the Business capabilities, which includes the ability to define one (or more, or none) user to be an Admin who have access to features that can support the group.

So with this account you could share a "Notes" Map for each class you teach to all students as Guests with Edit access. They would then have access (for free) and your class can collaborate. At the end of the class you can unshare the map (but get them to download it first so they can upload it into their own Free account) and then create a new map for the next class. Each of the 3 "members" (aka seats) can have up to 4 maps with Guests with Edit access. So if for example you had 2 other teachers in your department they could do the same thing. If you split the cost it is $15/mo/person. You can each have your own folders.

Let me know what you think or if you have more questions about how this can work for fairly low costs.

We do have an Android application. It is pretty sweet. Check it out at.

I'm not sure what the Organic theme is that you are referring to.
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Thanks Scott,

You are right, 45$ a month looks like a fairly low price. Except when you are paying yourself for those tools... they are not officially "approved" therefore, they are not paid for.

Saddly for me, 180$ for a licence plus 540$ a year for the online services... is way too much for me. Since my needs are very simple: Versionning, cloud, public access, collaboration on a very limited bases.

The way I understand this, if you bought the local licence, you do not have any kind of "special" benefits for the cloud services.

Too bad, I'll have to keep stay local and make copy_version1.mmap, ...