In Kanban view, what is the best way to use a keyboard shortcut to move topics out of the "Uncategorized" column?

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In Kanban view, is there any way to use a keyboard shortcut to move topics out of "Uncategorized" column?

In short, everything I have tried has unfortunate consequences!

I have a large number of Topics & tasks in my system. I want to use the Kanban view to manage them.

My problem is that:

A) MindManager will put ALL my Topics, not just those that I had flagged as being actual Tasks seem to appear on the Kanban view's "Uncategorized" column. i.e. I can't find a way of stopping all topics from arriving in the Uncategorized column of Kanban.

B) Also if I use a keyboard shortcut to quickly apply an Icon to a task, and if I then use SmartRules to flat it up as being "a task" by giving it a tag of (e.g.) "To Do", then unfortunately whenever I then drag the topic between columns on the Kanban view, MindManager temporarily puts the task at the very bottom for the "Uncategorized" column, before moving it to wherever it was that I had dragged it to.

And unfortunately MindManager opens up the Uncategorized column if I had it collapsed, and worse, it leaves the MindManager view located at the bottom of that column.

Yes, if I hit F3, that will get the window to show the topic again, but it means that I keep having to hit F3 every time I move a task topic between columns. It also means that I can't permanently hide the "Uncategorized" column. [grrr]

C) Also I do use PowerFilters a lot and I find myself clicking Remove Filter a lot, so I don't want to have to rely on some special Power Filter being in place all the time.

D) I also use Priority icons and Progress icons a lot (for broadly the purpose that matches each of their names), so I don't want to have to rely on either Priority or Progress in order to get each task out of the Uncategorized column.

- Is there any way to apply Tags directly using keyboard shortcuts?
(All I can find is the ability to apply ICONS (not Tags), which can be done from the "Library task pane")

With thanks


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Posted 9 months ago

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Hi John, 

MindManager currently don ́t have an assigned keyboard shortcut for inserting a certain (or any) Tag. Our Development  are aware of the increasing demand for configurable keyboard shortcuts, so lets see what happens. Your ""Uncategorized" column. [grrr]" is called for. Luckily this has been addressed and fixed in 20.1 that will be released in Feb. 

Now to your main challenge: 

I ́m getting the feeling that you are a fairly advanced user. So I think you already know that combining all of your wishes and with no changes to the way you currently use MM you are sort of blocking yourself from a solution. I for one are having a hard time coming up with a solution in MM2020 that totally fits your request. 

That said, I still think that your best way to get remotely close to what you are trying to achieve still is to use a filter. I know you ́re using a lot of filters, but what if you save a "Kanban" filter only used in your Kanban view. Technically you could apply that either on top of the filters you just have applied, or apply filters on top of your Kanban filter to get your desired view. 

In the below example I ́ve made three Smart Rules, where progress triggers a Kanban status 
AND allowed Manual override for Effect. Please note that the order you have the Rules matter, the top once trump the lower once. See the arrows in the below img. 

Save your Power filter. 

Switch to Kanban and apply your filter on top of your current filtered view or before you add your other filters. 

I ́m not sure this will be any news or help you. Fingers crossed. 
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Hi John,

perhaps a simpler solution without saved filters and Smart Rules is this approach

1) Go to menu Advanced - Select - Power Select

2) Check the icon goup Progress (all existing progress icons are checked )

3) Select Matching topic(s)

4) Go to menu View - click on the dropdown of Tag View -> Show Selected Topic(s) in Tag View

Greetings from Germany