Interactive Interviews and Opinion Exchange with people which don't have MM

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The most customer and other people I would like to know their opinion about products, services, concepts or other things, don't own Mind Manager, but I'm very curious about their thoughts and feeling and hardly interested in an efficient communication way. It would be great, if we could do this using MM.

I suggest two things, which are quite close to each other and have a fantastic potential for you and us:


I would like to create maps, such people would not only can view, but also comment, prioritize, add or change position of topics, add tags and so on. In other words: our partner would get a very reduced version of MM instead of a simple Viewer. A software within a file, not independently of it.

The very mini-MM would allow simple mind mapping, but of course, be incomparably more simple than MM. It would be too simple to be an alternative to MM. But it would be good enough to: a) let the people really work for me and give me complex answers and b) let them feel how mind mapping can help them, being a fantastic promotion for Mind Manager.


Imagine the customer would be able to click on tags, checkboxes or customize displayed values or whatever. This would be a kind of fulfilling our interview construct. They would can save their changes and sent us the ""answered"" map. We would consult the single maps, but also be able to merge all interviews to a final answer map (depending on the kind of interview). The final map would contain the average values calculated from the single maps.

The mMM (mini-MM) would be a huge improvement with regard to our communication with all the people which never heard anything about Mind Manager... UNTIL NOW!

A benefit for us, a benefit for our partner, a benefit for you!
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