Is there any way to get new child topics to automatically inherit the topic(s) of their parent topic?

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Is there any way to get all new child topics to automatically inherit the Tag(s) of their parent topic?

I have numerous personal tasks when are entered as Floating Topics. They are in six different "areas of life" for which I have one Tag each. I want:

A) See all of my tasks for each area of life, one area at a time 
B) Put my topics into different colours so that when all the topics are visible at once, I can still visually distinguish between my areas of life.

And for this I am applying six different Tags, one to indicate each area of life. And I am then using SmartRules to detect the Tags and to change the colour of my topics accordingly. By carefully saving the exact PowerFilters that I need, I can easily make just one "area of life" visible at a time. 

My problem is that where a task topic has child topics, if I apply a Power Filter to show just one area of life, then because the child topics don't have tags they disappear from view.

Fwiw, I am also using SmartShapes to control the formatting of my topics as they area moved around the map. This means that I can't just "paint" the formatting as if I do then the formatting will no longer update correctly. 

Any suggestions?



Workaround: Shift/F3 to select all of a topics child topics, then re-apply all of the Tags and Icons manually to all child topics at once.

If only one or two child topics, it can be quicker to left-click and drag the Tags and/or Icons individually to copy them over to the child topics

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Posted 9 months ago

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You could set up a SmartRule for each life area using Topic Belongs to Branch as the trigger and the addition of the tag as the effect. I'm not exactly sure from your description if the parent topics representing these areas are main topics or floating, but Topic Belongs to Branch works with either.

The other thing I'm not sure about is how the Topic Belongs to Branch rules would interact with the SmartRules you would have set up for the SmartShapes, but presumably the order of the SmartRules would control this.
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Thanks Alex

Technically, what I have is a "Background Diagram" and all my tasks are Floating Topics.

I don't want to create a hierarchy and connect each of my areas of life to the same 'area of life' topic as this would create a visual mess by having far too many lines all over my map.... 

But you've got me thinking... Given that I am not currently using the Resources field, possibly I could use Resources to define my "area of life" for each topic, instead of using a dedicated group of Tags that I have set up. And yes, SmartRules can test for Resource... and so I could (e.g.) change a topic's colour depending or its Resource. 

However the Resource cant be "painted" between tasks and they don't inherit.
So any sub-topic will disappear from my "Area of Life" as soon as a I re-apply my "Area of Life" saved powerfilter.
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Hi John, hi Alex,
Smart Rules also support the trigger of "Topic Location". If you choose this trigger you can select the background object or which segment of a Smart Shape is the trigger. The effect will be the matching tag and color.

For (Power-) Filter setting, please check also the Filter options ( general in File -> Options -> Filter) or in the Powerfilter options.

Maybe it is also useful to hide tags (menu View --> Show/Hide -> disable checkmark on tags).  The tags are still placed and can be filtered but not displayed.