Lets create something really interesting with MM14:

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Lets create something really interesting with MM14:

I have removed my earlier post regarding the ability to export fully formatted topics to MS Excel (in the form of individual cells) as I believe that it cannot be done with MM14.

Therefore it would seem that I need to seek some potentially highly innovative ways to develop (at least) a fairly detailed demonstration of concept for my proposed freeware healthcare education application. I have encountered several problems in trying to achieve this:

The use of background images:
  • I know that it is feasible to fairly accurately "pin" floating topics over a map (as a background image) in order to emulate "hot spotting". However there does appear to be a limitation in the size of the background image employed. Is this memory dependent or pixel (size) dependent?
Minimum distance between floating topics:
  • Unfortunately there seems to be a (default) minimum distance between floating topics. If they are placed to close together, they either repel each other like opposite magnetic poles are form unwanted links. Can these unwanted "formatting phenomena" by reversed as I need to accurately "pin" hundreds (if not thousands) of floating topics upon the above mentioned (extremely large) background image?
Ability to view a composite mind map without MM14:
  • The limitations of the swf and pdf options in viewing linked and attached mind maps are well known. The only officially endorsed solution is to use the 30 day MM evaluation version (as it still permits the viewing of MM files after it has expired). This is a great pity but is an issue that can be overcome be a persistent collaborator without MM14 (or 15).
Export options:
  • These seem rather limited if one needs to retain all the individual topic formatting options (such as text colours, background colours and embedded images) and has created a fairly expansive mind map.

Having documented the above problems (several of which might not have easy solutions), MM14 is a superb tool for creativity with multiple formatting options. I sense that it could be employed to create something really interesting (as per my proposed freeware healthcare education application).

Are there any mind mapping experts (with the ability to unleash the full creative power of MM14) who would be interested in becoming voluntarily involved in my project?
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