Limiting Walk Through Depth to 1st couple levels?

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I have been asked to be rapporteur for major 4-day meeting and will be using MM14 for taking detailed notes during all the talks and presenting the complete meeting summary at the end of the meeting.

Is there a way to get the Presentation Walk Though function to only walk through the top 4 topic levels of a map and not descend, say, to level 10 ?

For example, with a map structure like this (where there are 24 total talks at the meeting):
meeting / days 1-4 / sessions 1-2 / talks 1-3 / topics 1-N / subtopics 1-M / ...

I would like to configure the map so that each tab key hit in walkthough mode moves me to the next talk in the sequence, display all the talk's topics (but not walk through the talk topics individually) and not display any subtopics or below.

At that point I'll briefly discuss the highlighted topics of that talk,

Then, I'll hit tabkey once to move on to the next talk to be discussed.

This feels like a style & filter exercise, but I don't really know how to use these functions in this way
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Posted 6 years ago

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Not by default but it might be possible to apply some filters to hide certain topics to achieve your goal. 
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You might be able to do it like this:
  • Expand the whole map so that all topics are in view.
  • Ctrl+Select the topics in the map that you want to include in the walk through. Or, if this gets complicated, consider using a tag on topics that are to be displayed, and hide tags from view so they do not clutter up the map. Use the Power Filter to select all displayed topics with this tag.
  • Invert the selection so that everything which is not required for the walk-through is selected instead.
  • Then use the filter to hide everything that is selected.
  • Walk through the filtered map with the tab key. Only the topics that you want to present will appear.
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How about creating some slides (one for each main topic) to achieve this result?
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Yes - the slide option is useful because the slides retain the level of expansion applied at the time they were saved - but also have the advantage that if you need to you can expand to show sub-topics during the presentation.

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Thanks for all the replies!  
The slide option seemed promising, but felt a bit too static when I tried it out and I like how walk through mode closes out the topics when I'm finished talking about them

I will probably use the filter suggestion, probably by marking the topics I want to hide as not completed in the task info and flitering them out.

Again, thanks for all the help, I've been using MM for many many years and it's good to increase my knowledge and abilities with it with your help  
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Not sure if this is useful, but in relation to the slide feature as well as being able to expand or contract topics "live", you can make multiple slides of the same topic showing different states of expansion and contraction, which the slides will retain.