Mindjet Files Servce (aka plus, vision, catalyst, connect) or Dropbox/Box

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I now have a need to collaborate with small teams of people on common project maps plus either hyperlinked files or embedded attachments.

Dropbox/Box option: One possibility is to use dropbox/box, with support files (docx, pdfs) stored in a sync'd folder with relative hyperlinks dragged to the project map or embedded attachments (assuming that the size scales).

The downside is that two people cannot be working on the same project map at the same time (would create conflicted copies).

Mindjet Files (I'm not entirely sure what the current label is):  The other option is to use Mindjet files. Support files could be uploaded into the cloud workspace although I am not certain about the use of hyperlinks, and what happens when the project maps get downloaded off the cloud for archiving, etc. Obviously, support files could be embedded as attachments (again, subject to scaling issues with multiple large files).

The clear upside is that maps can be co-edited, at the same time. But, my anxiety is about reliability and uptime, and other reliability questions (confusion re cached versions, etc.).

So, if anyone has specific experience with Mindjet Files in the past year, I would love to hear your experience. (I have seen other comments complaining about uptime, and the lack of notice when the service goes down.) When the service goes down, are there locally cached copies that could be useful?

Also, putting aside Mindjet Files, have people worked successfully with Dropbox/Box when they have to collaborate with other team members, and if so, how have folks dealt with the fact of conflicted copies, etc.?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hello Jerry,

I rather won't use DropBox at all (look closer to their Terms:-)). Mindjet Vison could work certainly (https://vision.mindjet.com) but you need most likely to upgrade from a free version (at least in my case) to be able to benefit from the additional features like workgroup sharing etc,.

Have a look to the comparison chart http://download.mindjet.com/www/pdf/MM15-Comparison-chart-EN.pdf.


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Arjan Dral

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To add to my previous answer. I believe doing export "Pack and Send" will have all links and files in it, useless it is referring to sources that are not available unless instead of the owner.

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Jerry Kang

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Thanks for your comments.

Box would be the sync solution I use, with adequate corporate terms of service. (I refer to Dropbox because most folks are more familiar with that service.) 

As for "vision" or "Mindjet Files", it's included in the license I have. What I don't know is whether it fails too often to do serious work.  Prior threads suggest non-trivial amounts of downtime. And I'm trying to find out whether "down" means no access whatsoever to the files or "down" just means that sync is down and version conflicts will have to be addressed afterwards. Certainly the android/apple app versions -- to the extent they're using similar cloud infrastructure -- have caused a lot of grief for people in terms of losing data, etc.

As for Pack and Send, it's useful for one time delivery but not so much for multiple folks interacting on a project, where a pdf might be annotated here, or a new version of a document gets relevant there, or another meeting to prepare for here, etc.
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The best feature fpr Mindjet Files is the possibility for several users to work in the same map at the same time. So the most importand question is how often that really occurs. 
- Mindjet Files (MF) is not free, ProjectDirector needs an extra subscription license. Dropbox CAN be free, depending on volume etc.
- MF works ok when the amount of files is not so high. It does not support drag & drop so all files have to be imported (yes, you can import several files at the same time) or attached. But mindmaps with a lot of attached files will be slow to open.
- There is no file search in MF
- There is no easy way to archive files and folders out of  MF
- Deleting in MF is a two step process
- There is no preview of files of pictures in MF
- Linking between files is easier in MF, because all users have the same file structure, for sure.
- The versioning in MF can be of real good use
- Office files can be locked/checked out and versions are kept.
- MF is down more often than DropBox. For one period it was almost once a month. And of course it is down when you really need the file. For some reason, the file often can be access (downloaded) via the web interface, but the same time editing is gone. But the down time issue have never been an argument for not choosing MF.

I ́ve some projects in MF, others in Dropbox, Depending on the arguments above.
And if you have concerns about Dropbox, consider e.g. Storegate (Swedish solution)
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Hi Jerry 
 We have an addin for Dropbox which allows for access and hyperlinking directly from MindManager  You do , however have the  issue of asynchronous editing.  Another workaround is using either Google Docs or  Box/ oneDrive, etc. as  the synchronous editing tool for attached map documents with one person in control of the 'master' map. As long as the attached documents are in a shared drive and the nomenclature of the document is constant document management can be maintained.  

Here is a methodology I have used with clients . A bit of a crude workaround but it works.

  1. Create your map with attached documents using a shareable document space ( Google docs works well).
  2. Attach documents using a shareable hyperlink
  3. Save document as  interactive PDF map  using Mindjet Player 
  4. Upload this to shared drive using version control V1,
  5. If map layout gets changed update map to  V2, V3 ,etc. 
  6. Either delete 'old' ap versions or keep for version control. 

The advantage of this approach is:
  1. One project leader maintaining master map
  2. Members have access to attached documents that are editable via Google Docs / OneDrive, etc. and allow for synchronous team editing. 

I use a great piece of collaborative software called EZTALKS  https://www.eztalks.com/index.html ( free for 3 users) ($6.99 pe month for a 10 user package) to daily talk through  a shared  map with editable documents using OneDrive / Google Docs depending on client preferance -this creates a  Mindjet Vision /Project  Director "Platform"  equivalent experience.  

Best regards 
Patrick Baker - Mindlogik 
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Jerry Kang

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@bjorn: Thanks for your feedback. Doesn't give me much confidence re Mindjet Files.

@Baker: Can't really use the pdf flash export option, which historically has been inadequate. My goal is to use MM with a high level assistant. Co-editing is the killer feature. But it looks like I'm left with the following option: Mindjet Files with reliability anxieties  or one-party editing (with version conflict potential) + 3rd party sync. Not quite sure what your addin does, that a shared sync folder + relative links wouldn't do. (To be clear I'm not sharing content with 3rd parties outside my org, eg. clients.)

Does anyone have expereince with 3rd party addins, such as TopicTracker or MultiMaps by Olympic Limited that might provide another option?