Mindjet Map Linker REBORN!

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Original Mindjet Map Linker is working!

I browsed the web, and then get this idea:
In mm9, you can still install the mindjet map linker into your PC.
Then in mm9's developer menu, you manually add the macro files.
There are just 4-5 macro files, and you can assign them into the pop-up menu.

With this add-on,
you may have several small maps that you actually update things,
say I have several small maps that have properties of things.
And in another large map -- the master map,
you can have a "shadow" hyperlink to the small files.

When the small files updates, the "shadows" in the master map will update.
This makes comparing the things more easier.
PS: but pls dont edit the "shadow" in the master map,
they will disappear the next time you update the "shadow".

And thus "elevate" my level from a single thing,
into a group of things.

I think useful the same way for others.

A problem with the commercial one is that it updates every node,
so if you have 2 nodes interlinking, you get into infinite loops.

the one from mindjet seems a little bit different,
pls check out yourself.

I checked that,
the "shadow" node,
if you import the master map into say xmind or freemind,
the shadow node is indeed a FULL copy of the node indeed.
The plugin just add a boundary and an icon.
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Posted 8 years ago

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This is extremely good news.
We need this to be part of our day to day work al the time.
I do hope Mindjet product developers see your post.!!!!

However, I have some questions:
Did you try this on Mindjet 11 or on Mindmanager 9?

Could you show us a step by step procedure of how you did it?
A movie would even be better ;-)

Thanks in advance
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After the 1st post,
I found that indeed I am using mm9 + maplinker for mm7 ! (not for mm8).

then I dig out my maplinker for mm8 but cant install.

so I then re-installed the maplinker for 7.

unfortunately I dun have experience in showing that in video,
but that would be easy and I think if someone post here,
mindjet staff will help to install the macro script.

Yet, and I just found that even if one re-open the master map,
the "shadow" sublink wont refresh itself,
i.e. need to use the macro script to update link by link. (would be easy
if you made the script inside the right mouse button's menu).

Last time I tried the commercial maplinker,
but found that if you have 2 tree of node "hyperlinked, vice versa",
then u'll have an infinite loop.

But I dunt have the problem using the free one, yet.

I think either one should allow the user to choose the level to show/sync, otherwise
the user will be in trouble.