MindManager 16 still DOESN'T work on multi-screen environments

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For the past five or six years, I have been using three screens on my machine, with one being a pen-enabled Wacom Cintiq tablet. Since I am right handed, the Cintiq is the right-most screen, furthest from the primary monitor in Windows.

It has always been possible to use pen mode on the Cintiq monitor to enter hand-written elements, however if you then select 'Ink to Text', the edit dialogue box pops up on the primary monitor where it can't be reached with the pen.

If you pick up the mouse and fetch the dialogue back onto the screen where MindManager is maximised, you can edit one entry, but the next one ignores the repositioning and pops right back up on the primary monitor again.

I have reported this bug several times over the past few years and all it requires is for a developer to persist the location state of the dialogue box, or to set it relative to the top corner of the parent window rather than the desktop. I've been upgrading this product every year since 2004 and I'm starting to realise that every year, I'm going through the same anger and frustration at simple backlog items never getting resolved.

I am at least heartened to see that the default colour scheme has been changed to a drab, morose and toneless dirge that matches my mood of depression when fighting to get this application to work rationally.
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  • frustrated again

Posted 5 years ago

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The release notes describe Multimonitor should work

And if you rightclick a tab you can detach it to another monitor
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This program is fantastic for multiple displays https://www.displayfusion.com/
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I have been using displayfusion for my 3 monitors for a LONG time.
I use a bat file for office and tried this for MM but mm does not work:
START "" "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXE" %1   works great This allows multiple instances of excel, 1 on each window.
START "" "C:\Program Files\Mindjet\MindManager 15\MindManager.exe" does not work
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Multimonitor should work and is supported in version 16.  Here is the description from the help guide.  
Let us know if this works in your enviroment or  you are still experiencing issues.

 To view multiple maps at the same time

Sometimes you want to view multiple maps side-by-side, or across multiple display screens. You can do this by detaching the map's workbook tab and relocating it

To display two or more maps simultaneously

  1. Click the workbook tab for an open map.

  2. Drag and drop the tab to the desired location or screen.

The map is displayed in the new location. Use the mouse to navigate between multiple maps; ribbon commands, task panes, and footer buttons will apply to the selected map.

To cancel multiple map display:

  1. Click the workbook tab for the "torn off" map.

  2. Drag the tab back to the MindManager canvas. When the map background is highlighted, drop the map on it.

The map is displayed in the original location below the ribbon

Also you can also change the default color scheme in Options under visual effects. We have 2 other  drab, morose and toneless schemes to choose from.



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Tearing a tab off and dragging it to another screen causes MindManager to throw an application error and terminate.
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This is the first crash report I've seen with the new multi-monitor feature. If you are still encountering this issue, I would be greatful if you can provide more details to our Technical Support Team here - 

Best regards, 
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The "crash" I see in Mindmanager 16 multiple monitor feature is, that one map is always dimmed. I am sure that mindmanager developers don't use Mindmap application in the office for everyday work.

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I operate Mindmanager 15  in full screen mode on a 4K monitor to simultaneously display multiple hyperlinked maps.   Dragging maps across multiple monitors with Mindmanager 16 is conceptually a better solution, but  just about useless since only one maps is clearly viewable and all other maps dimmed.  I've been praying for context maps and flowcharts for 10-years and I'm thrilled.  My solution is versions 15 and 16 on adjacent monitors until  dimmed maps are cleared up.

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Rostislav Psota

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I came out to the same solution. keeping Mindmanager 15 installed. Not all stuff can be dragged, but at least I can view two maps simultaneously. Another feature I was eagerly waiting for was ability to detach windowss like "topic notes" or Index window and place it to another monitor - I work with three monitors, my maps are very complex and requires as much as possible space.
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@Terry, I suspect you have a virus or something like that on your computer. It works fine overhere.

However... It could also be that there is a mix in OS 32-64 bit supported applications that has caused problems before.

Why not open a support case at Mindjet?
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I have also experienced issues with previous versions of pop ups popping up on the other monitor in multi-monitor situations. I'll report if I see this persisting with MindManager 16

Your initial issue has nothing to do with the MultiMonitor feature of MindManager 2016. (But you know that)
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> I have also experienced issues with previous versions of pop ups popping up on the other monitor

This still happens to me on MM2016.

> Your initial issue has nothing to do with the MultiMonitor feature

I do not agree. The idea I perceived of this feature was to be able to have multiple maps up besides each others so I can compare and work with them simultaneaously (on separate screens or at the same screen...). The tab can be undocked, but as said above there can only be one map "Active" at a time and the others are dimmed taking away some of the benefit of this feature.

To summorize we have two problems:

  • Only one map can be "Active" at a time with the others dimmed.
  • Popups Always appear on the primary desktop screen (e.g. notes.)

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Simon Jones

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I was wondering if it is also possible to detach just the Gantt-Chart of a map? Does anyone know if that works as well?



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The Gantt-chart is part of the map, so it's not possible to detach it from the map. However, if you have the map up on Mindjet Files I think it should be possible to open the map in two different Windows and maximize the Gantt in one of the two windows?
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It is nice to be able to have two or more maps visible. It it frustrating that they are not separate instances of the program, complete with the editing ribbon. It is confusing which window is active for the ribbon. Though they listed my request for multiple instances as solved, the solution isn't ideal.