Minor discrepancy in the "Tags" functionality on the ribbon menu!

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While working with a Map today I noticed a small discrepancy in the way that new "Tags" are added when using the functionality from the ribbon menu. Basically the issue is as follows:

I created a Tag Group named Keyboard Shortcut. When I went to create a new Tag for the Tag Group using the ribbon menu this was the sequence:

1. With the Tag Group selected I clicked the Add New Tag option...

2. When asked to enter the Name for the Tag I did so, noticing that the Group was set to "General Tags" even though I had selected the Add New Tag from within the drop-down menu for the KS Tag Group as 1. above.

Clicking Add then created the Tag in the "General Tags" group and added the Tag to the Topic.

I then had to drag and drop the Tag using the Marker Index to add it to the original intended group.

This was not the behavior I was expecting. What I expected was that the new Tag would be added to the Tag Group from where the Add New Tag command had been initiated.

If I add the new Tag directly in the Marker Index it takes 5-6 mouse clicks. Adding it through the ribbon menu is 4-5 mouse clicks so there is only a 1 click difference between the methods so I am not concerned about the length or number of steps in the sequence, more with the result not being what I had expected when initiating the Add New Tag command from within the Tag Group.

This was on MindManager 15 and I have not checked to see if it is the same for previous versions and has been this way for a while or is a recently introduced issue.

Perhaps this could be looked at for a future service release?


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Posted 6 years ago

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This could be new in MindManager 15, as it seems OK on MindManager 14.
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Thanks for reporting this issue. I am seeing the same behavior on my end and will report this to Quality Assurance. 
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Hi Nigel

Thank you for identifying this one, as Nick says it worked perfectly in MindManager 14.

I use Tags quite frequently and I therefore spent some time testing the functionality that you reported, and found some interesting results: 

If you add a Tag using the method you described, MindManager 15 will always choose the previously created tag group for the new tag.  In your case you have two groups  - the default General Tag group, and the Group you created “Keyboard Shortcut”.  Selecting the Keyboard Shortcut group places the new Tag in the General Tag group

To illustrate this I have created two additional groups G1 & G2, in addition to the default General Tag group. If I select G1 as the group for the additional tag MindManager places the Tag in the General Tag group. If I select G2 as the group, MindManager places the new Tag in G1. and so on...

It is possible to override this behaviour, and add a new Tag to your Group of choice, by using the Add New Tag command. This opens a window where you can select the preferred group from a drop-down, and then add your new Tag: