No option to export slides to PowerPoint - or anywhere else - in MM2021

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I was aware that MindManager was moving away from import and export models that required Microsoft Office products to be installed but which still facilitated the import and export of MS Office files.

That has been achieved for Excel and Word, but I'm very surprised that export of MM slides to PowerPoint seems to have been removed without any replacement. In fact there doesn't appear to be any export facility for slides at all.

While I like some of the new slide features, the loss of PowerPoint export is a major blow for a lot of people who use MM to structure presentations which they wish to complete in PowerPoint or other applications that can import PowerPoint slides. They may want to do this because PowerPoint has a much wider range of formatting options, or because the MM slides are to become part of a larger presentation.

There is also a practical issue. If you are presenting at a conference you often don't get the opportunity to use your own computer and you often have to forward the presentation in advance to the organisers. Not many of these are going to be able to handle MM files, let alone the new MM slide deck format.
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Posted 1 month ago

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I agree this a step backwards, really.
But the last point is maybe solvable if you share the document with yourself and log into that at converence time and open up your work on the conference computer ?
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Hi Alex, 

You will be able to publish your slides, it's on our immediate roadmap but I can't share a date yet.
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Good to hear, I started to get worried
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Hey everyone

We totally understand the angst that some of these changes create. We are doing foundational changes to the undercarriage of MindManager so we can bring some pretty amazing capabilities to market for our users. Unfortunately sometimes you need to take one step backwards to take two (or four) forwards when dealing with changes of this nature. I assure you all it will be worth it.

Once again, apologies for any inconveniences.

Cheers... Blair
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Hi Blair,

Thanks for clarifying this and I look forward to the new capabilities.

Like many other users I appreciate the features that have been added to MindManager under its new management - map roll-up and SmartRules, to name a couple, are amazing.

I think however that the loss of features such as slide export could have been better explained upfront, so that people who rely on them knew before they upgraded what they were going to be in for.

I note, for example, that for I think the first time the MM21 release notes do not contain any reference to deprecated features, such as the removal of the slide export feature or the lack of a Send to MindManager add-in for Word. Users shouldn't have to stumble around finding what's been left out the hard way, by trying to use a feature and discovering it's not there.

On the issue of slide publishing/exporting itself, I think there are two aspects that should be included in a future upgrade:

  1. The ability to easily publish slides as images. To an extent this can be done at the moment by printing the slides as images (or via the MAP add-in) but this should be made easier. If you check back through the forum this has been an often asked for feature, as previous versions of MM have lacked this as well.

  2. The ability to export slides as outlines. This was the feature removed in MM21, and I believe is actually more useful on a lot of occasions than direct slide publishing.
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When can we expect this feature to return?  This was a big surprise to me.  I would have also expected you to replace the feature rather than deprecate with no advance notice or method to have a comparable feature.  Sorry I am your biggest fan but this is not good.