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i have a problem with the export of notes into word. In the first theme you have a list of numbers 1,2,3, , in the second theme you have a new list of numbers in the notes 1,2,3,4 Then, I make an export to word and see in the second theme the following numbers 4,5,6 There ist no new list. The list continues from the list in the first theme.
if I use bullets, sometimes they are also eported as numbers into word.
Before mindjet 11 I used Mindmanager 7. It was no problem.
In the moment we test the new version because we are thinking about buying some new licences. But this is a problem for us.

Thanks for help

Sven Hagedorn

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Posted 1 year ago

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Brittney Mazzetta, Employee

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Hi Sven. Thank you for your inquiry. In order to best assist you, I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team. They will need to gather additional information regarding the issue that you are currently experiencing as well as obtain your appropriate contact information. Please use this link: to open a ticket with our team. Thanks!

Alexsg, Champion

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The interaction of Mindjet export numbering with Word's heading structure and numbering can be very complex, but I think I know what may be happening.

I'll try to give you a short answer (I started to write the long one in which I tried to explain the relationship and what may be happening in your case in detail, but, well, it got too long). So here, believe it or not, is the "condensed" version.

First, set up a Word export. When the Word Export Settings dialogue box appears, you have two options under Outline numbering:

1. If you want Word to generate the heading numbers, choose "Use settings from template".

If you select this and there is a problem with numbering in the resulting document, there is probably something wrong with the template. It may be that MJ11 is using a different template to your previous version of MM; if so, you can select the correct template under the Word template tab, or create a new one in Word (remember it has to be a 2003 .dotx template, not a 2007/2010 .dotm, and that the headings have to be set up consistently with outline numbering).

Under the Word template tab you can also match styles from the Word template to the topic level in MJ.

2. If you want Mindjet to generate the numbering, choose "Use custom settings".

If you select this option you then need to choose the numbering scheme you want, but what is most important is that you set the "Number until" field to the level of topics down to which you want to number. For example, if you want to numbering to go down to the 4th level in the Word document, choose Topic level 4. MJ will then apply its own numbering, though it will still use the heading styles as selected under the Word template tab.

If you are using this option I suspect what may be happening is that you are choosing to number until only, say, "Topic level 2". The Word template however probably has heading numbering down to the fourth or fifth level which it is applying once the MJ numbering runs out. The problem is that the Word numbering doesn't know anything about the MJ numbering, so the two can't match up.

If you choose this option you could also consider using a Word template with unnumbered heading styles to ensure that there won't be any confusion. Alternatively you could use the Word Template tab in the MJ Word Export Settings dialogue box to choose non-heading styles for the lower level topics, for example, bulleted list styles past topic level 3 or 4.

I hope this "short" version isn't too confusing!

Sven Hagedorn

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Thank you very much for your answer. This is also interesting for me. It ist not too confusing. But the problem in my topic are the numbers in the notes of a singular topic. See the attachment. If you have in more than one topic notes and in the notes you use the list of number function, in word it does not start a new list in the topic.

Alexsg, Champion

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Sorry - I didn't read your question carefully enough!

I'm going to have a closer look at this in a day or so when I have more time, because the behaviour of MJ11 in exporting notes is more complicated than I thought.

Part of the problem is that there is only one notes style in the Word export function, so I'm not sure how it distinguishes between numbered and unumbered paragraphs in the first place, even if it does get the numbering wrong.

However I think I do know why the numbering problem is happening - it's because the MJ export is using a simple list numbering style which is not linked to the numbered heading styles in Word and so it doesn't reset to start again after the heading (originally the parent topic or subtopic) changes.

It's complicated further because sometimes I can get it to work properly but it's not consistent. If I (or anybody else) can't sort it out at the MJ end there may be a work around in Word (eg, searching for and reformatting or replacing the MJ styles).

Alexsg, Champion

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I have looked at this some more, but at this stage I don't think there is an easy answer - though I'm happy to be proved wrong on this.

First as I said, MJ can allocate only one Word style to notes. Somehow the export process works out whether notes paragraphs should be numbered or not, but can apply only Word's simple list numbering. This means, as you have discovered that the list numbers are not reset when the header changes in Word.

Choosing new aword styles to apply to notes doesn't seem to work consistently either, with MJ sometimes recognising them and other times applying the default MM style. This is the second complicating factor; when MJ exports to Word it doesn't use the Word styles from the selected template directly. Instead it duplicates these styles in an MM template which it then uses, with the altered styles beginning with MM, including an MM notes style.

The third complicating factor is Word's numbering system, which is very, very complex (see this for a guide: ). One idea I had was to reformat the MM notes style so that it was numbered but reset every time there was a change in the preceding heading. Unfortunately it appears that you have to change the numbering to Word's outline numbering system to do this and even then it appears that it has to be made into a heading style to work, which raises other complications.

Apart from manually resetting the list numbering in Word to start at 1 for each new list, about the only other thing I can think of is to use the OPTi-Word add-in for the export process. This provides correct numbering, but these are not "live" numbered notes paragraphs in Word, so won't renumber if they are rearranged or added to.

I'm sorry I can't think of anything else, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd also be very interested!

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