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I really miss the Outline view when viewing a map on an iPad or Android tablet, and especially on a phone.

Firstly, a small screen does not work well for a map view in most situations. I'd love to be able to create my maps on a large screen computer and then be able to quickly reference, review and add to it in a simple outline view on my portable device.

Secondly, one of the major things i use MM for is to take well structured notes that can be expanded and ustilised later without too much importing etc. This would be especially useful on a tablet. raw typing of notes can be hard on a touch-screen keyboard and you need to minimise how much you write without losing meaning. Structure is the key to doing this without large amounts of text and there are few better structures than a hierarchical map. I'm ensisioning an outline view on the left and a small box for each branch for notes. Markers would also be really handy.

Please consider this as it would complete the circle for me and i imagine many others. (add sync'ed audio recording and it would be perfect)

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Posted 8 years ago

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I agree!!! I love mind manager to organize all the different tasks, projects, and information in my overloaded life, but without the viewability of outline view and the functionality of markers on my tablet, it is still only a partial solution. Until those are added, my quest continues...
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Re-opening a topic... please chime in if you think this is important...

Really do need a Simple Outline View to come back to the mobile clients (specifically Android in my case).

One cannot deal with boxes and lines and drag and drop on a small screen in a rushed environment (don't care how smart your phone is). I need a way to view and write tasks, notes, thoughts, etc. Everything that one uses MM for. But on a limited scale, no frills, enough to let me view, add new information, check things off, and make basic edits. When I'm in the middle of a meeting, I don't need to show off the capabilities of MM (I'll do that later), I need to get text down into MM that I can rearrange later.

This is really essential. The capability was taken away. Please, please put it back.

Lee Benjamin~

P.S. I truly love MindManager, Just checked and it looks like my original version was MM 2002, and running MM Mobile 1.1 on Pocket PC back then also!
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Actually I find the iPad OK for mindmapping, especially for note taking in meetings, but using iThoughts HD rather than the Mindjet app.

I agree though regarding trying to Mindmap on a smartphone - personally I think you have to be a masochist to try to do this! I also agree that a simple outline view would be the best alternative, especially on phones.

There is one workaround, however - to actually use outlining software. Obviously this isn't as straightforward as being able to switch between map and outline views within the same app, but it works surprisingly well.

There are a number of outlining apps for iOS devices and I assume for Androids as well. You need something that can import and export outline text files - that way you could set up an outline in Mindjet on the desktop, import it to the outlining software and then export it back.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad you can also open OPML files (a common outlining format) in iThoughts or iThoughts HD. The creator of iThoughts has also indicated that he is planning to introduce an outline view, but unfortunately there isn't an Android version.