Please help. Where are these features? Cannot find options that should exist.

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I am trying to create diagrams similar to those found on patent drawings. The lawyer wants the diagrams on a A4 size paper with large clear uniform boxes connected by straight lines. He wants the topics to continue on other A4 pages, with an arrow indicating that the diagram continues on the next page.
Option 1
Working in the map window I cannot find any options to limit the working area to the page size or have mindjet show me the size of the paper Im working on. There are no page edges and zooming out just increases the white space. With this, I have no reference point of how big my topic boxes should be or how the size of the topics will be on varying pages. The program simply shrinks the content to fit on the page when printed, but I cannot see the edges of the pages and the print shrinks topics to a size that cannot be read.
Option 2
When creating a new topic, I have to click several options in order to develop a relationship. For example, I create a topic box and then one below it. To connect them I have to go to ‘Insert -> relationship -> insert relationship -> Click topic 1 -> Click topic 2. 5 Clicks per relationship.
Is there a way to create a topic and drag it next to the box I want a relationship with and it will automatically create the relationship line?
Option 3
I only want relationship lines coming from the middle edge of boxes. Not corners, or slightly to the left or right etc. Middle left, right, top, bottom only.
Option 4
I only want the lines to be 90degrees. No angles.
Option 5
Ability to zoom out on my diagram which will be spread across multiple A4 size pages and see each page with a separator and all topics and diagrams on each page. I should have the ability to zoom into a specific page and make adjustments. If I expand a topic or relationship off the page, mindjet will create another A4 size page which I can continue the diagram on.
Option 6
Ive noticed that when using the print option to print the diagram on multiple pages, it cuts the topics in half. A few words on one page and a few on another. How can I get the program when using this feature to respect topics and extend lines, not split topics.

Option 7
Make all topics with exact distances and very uniform appearance.
Unfortunately, Im finding myself often resorting to very basic programs that get the job done. Freeware this year has solved more of my issues than $300 programs.
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Posted 8 years ago

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You could have used the time spent on typing this -question- better by reading the help, viewing the instruction movies on the mindjet website.
With exception of option 1, I believe that everything you ask for is possible or at least doable.
Option 1 however, does imho not comply with worldwide standards on how to make and use (mind)maps.

You would have gained even more knowledge by attending a class at one of the certified trainers.
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You have been pushing MindManager to its limits and found the discomfort zones. What you have described is in Visio and similar program's comfort zone. Flow diagram and charting applications seem more suitable.

Relationships don't connect to defined points on the shape.

Sizes are all relative not fixed

Some things that may alleviate some issues:

Create a background image which has an A4 ratio grid. Position your shapes within the grid rectangles. This will be difficult unless you are doing the diagram with floating topics. You can turn it off when printing.

Add the Relationship tool to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Use (in)visible floating topics at diagonally opposite corners to define the edge of the map.

A related tip:

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