Progress Icon Granularity in MM 2016

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How can additional progress group icons be added to allow for a finer status granularity?

I would like to incorporate additional icons in increments of 5% that can be used in task roll-ups ( eg. 15%,20%,5%, 30% etc). Also, if they can be added would the icons be transportable with the map so that other users can see the intended progress correctly? 

I am concerned that if the user of the map only has the standard progress icons, that progress may default to a standard number other than what was added.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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Posted 4 years ago

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MindManager 2016 has progress icons for 0, 10, 25, 35, 50, 65, 75, 95 and 100%. You can add the extra icons by right-clicking on the task progress group name in the marker index and clicking "New Task Progress". Once these are added to a map, they will be accessible to all users of that map.

Progress icons are automatically handled by MindManager and it is not possible to add more icons to the marker group that is bound to the task progress value. Through the API, the percent complete value itself can be any integer from 0 to 100 and MindManager will round up to the nearest icon value for the purposes of displaying an icon.
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Added the intrinsic % complete values that were not already in the progress group.

For the authoritative progress, I will have users refer to the Gantt or MS Project Export. Task Info pane reflects the rounded task progress (as you mentioned for visualization)

Many thanks and a very Happy New Year to my Mapping Colleagues!

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This can actually result in some interesting behaviour in MM.

For example, if you create a task in MM and sync it with Outlook, the latter will reflect the value of the progress icon assigned to the task in MM. Outlook however can show any percentage between 0 and 100% for task progress but if you attempt to sync a progress value back to MM the latter will round to the nearest preset value.

This appears incidentally to be the nearest value up or down, so 40% progress in Outlook will be rounded down to the 35% icon in MM, and not up to 50%. This can result in two different percentage completions for the same task in MM and Outlook.

In this case for example, even if you repeat the sync both Outlook and MM will retain these different values. If however you change the percentage complete in MM to a default percentage complete value and sync the task to Outlook the latter will show the changed value.