Properties, events, methods of datacontainers

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Hello, my question is : I understand that a datacontainer is the name of the characteristic of topics which have outlook information such as an appointment or a task and properties created by the user too; i want to know which are the properties of a datacontainer? i mean, i want to know by code if a determined datacontainer is an outlook appointment or an outlook task. Thanks in advance for your support
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Posted 2 years ago

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The data container has a URI property, which I think is unique for each type of content. The URIs are not published anywhere, but you can find them by creating examples of each content type and reading the URI.
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Hi Nick i did it exactly what you mentioned and i found the URI for a topic with custom properties; however when i try to add a new property in the same topic; the error is "Invalid or Duplicated URI"; is there any way to add new properties in the same topic? my code  is as follows:

Sub ShowHideDataContainers(ByVal m_Doc As Document, ByVal b_Visible As Boolean)
    Dim m_Topic As Topic
    Dim m_subtopic As Topic
    Dim a As String
    Dim nuevotopico As Topic

    Dim i As Integer
    Dim separador As String

    For Each m_Topic In m_Doc.Range(mmRangeAllTopics, True)


        If m_Topic.DataContainer.DataContainerType <> mmDataContainerTypeNone Then
           If m_Topic.BusinessTopic.BusinessTypeUri = "" Then
              a = m_Topic.Task.Resources
              Dim txt() As String
              separador = ";"
              txt= Split(a, separador)
              For i =LBound(txt) To UBound(txt)
                  m_Topic.AddSubTopic("" & LTrim(txt(i)) & "")
              Next i
              For Each m_subtopic In m_Topic.SubTopics(True) ' include filtered-out subtopics
                  If m_subtopic.Text<> "" Then
                     m_subtopic.Text = Replace(m_subtopic.Text,"  "," ")
                     Set nuevotopico= m_subtopic
                     'On Error GoTo cargargenerico

                     nuevotopico.CreateImage("D:\OneDrive - Grupo EPM\Estrategia\(Carp. P.)\1. Dllo. Pnal\1.2. Pnales\Back Ups\CORREO\Archivos de Outlook\Fotos\" & m_subtopic.Text & ".jpg")
                     'nuevotopico.Image.SaveWithSize("D:\OneDrive - Grupo EPM\Estrategia\(Carp. P.)\1. Dllo. Pnal\1.2. Pnales\Back Ups\CORREO\Fotos\" & m_subtopic.Text & ".jpg",mmGraphicTypeJpeg, 40.32, 40.32)
                      With nuevotopico
                       .DataContainer.InsertCustomProperties.CustomPropertyCollection.AddCustomProperty("", "function",mmCustomPropertyFormatTypeText)
                       .DataContainer.InsertCustomProperties.SetCustomPropertyValue("", "jefe")

*******************the error appears here, i dont understand why? beacuse i am using a new property name*****************************************************
                       .DataContainer.InsertCustomProperties.CustomPropertyCollection.AddCustomProperty("", "age",mmCustomPropertyFormatTypeText)
                       .DataContainer.InsertCustomProperties.SetCustomPropertyValue("", "27")
                       End With

                         agranda= nuevotopico.DataContainer.Resizable()

                     u = nuevotopico.Image.Width
                  End If
              m_Topic.DataContainer.Visible = b_Visible

           End If
        End If
    Exit Sub
posicion= InStr(1, nuevotopico.Text, " ")
ultimaletraprimernombre = Mid(nuevotopico.Text,posicion-1, 1)
If ultimaletraprimernombre = "A" Then


End If
Resume Next 
End Sub