Retaining internal links when making map copies

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I create large legal compliance-related maps with multiple links to connect other parts of the same map. When I create a new version of such a map, the links refer back to the previous version - e.g. when I create a version 4 of a given map, the links refer back to the previous version 3. Is there a way for the links to easily (preferably automatically) recognize the version 4 links instead of having to go back and put in individual new (version 4) link addresses? All suggestions welcome.
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Posted 4 years ago

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It depends on how you create those links, and this can be seen by having a look the the link icon that will show up after you've created the link (see screenshot below).

To work with versions and to make sure the internal link will not point to a previous version of the file, choose the Topic In This Map option when creating a new internal link (see screenshot below).

Hope this helps!
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My approach with version control and MindManager for more than ten years, is that the current map version and associated files maintain their names. Copies of older versions are stored with changes to the file name to indicate the version. But you could also keep the files names the same but move them to a version folder.

If this does not suit you, use the Replace tool to replace "v1" with "v2" in all links. Ctrl H and Options to just edit links.
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Dear Sirs,

I have 2 great doubts.

the first:

Generate 3 map projects.


And a central project.mmap.

In project design X has X users.

In the central project I want LINKo only the TOPICOS I want, example: (ACTION) of each x.mmap project above for the central project dynamically.

When I open the central project, I have TOPIC
PROJECTS 2017, when I open.

Action project 1 linked with topic (Action) project1.mmap
Action project 2 linked with topic (Action) project2.mmap
Action project 3 linked with topic (Action) proyecto3.mmap

But by clicking and tinkering on the toptic action of project 1 it does not sync.

And if I or HE edit, how do you sync?
I'd like to do that. but I can not.

I used MAPS PARTS (it looks like) I thought it worked, but it's static. When you change the originating part, the maps parts (add select topics) are not changed, they are static of the day that was added.

How to make dynamic (add selected topic) update every time the original topic is updated?
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The fact that you ask the same question over and over again, makes it difficult to understand what you want. Anyway it has been answered