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Many moons ago I used MindJet for Windows (IIRC). I've recently purchased MindManager for Mac (in a bundle) and recalled how useful the old MindJet was at that time. We have an exercise that I 'thought' MindManager might be useful for: 

We are about to re-design a bespoke server service, ie. there are a number of functions that the server must perform for a number of clients and within a prescribed security envelope. So essentially it is a software design exercise.

When I look at the templates available and the topics discussed, there is a lot about process design and project management (yes they might be useful in their own right), but almost nothing about any other sort of design. My questions then:
  • Is MindManager unsuited to the design process (other than process (sic) design)?
  • If MindManager is suitable for other sorts of design (for example: software; architecture etc):
  • Generally, which template(s) would be best suited to the design process?
  • Specifically, which template(s) would be best suited to my software (server) design process?
So as I see it, I need a MindMap that has at its centre the product and comping out of it Requirements and/or Functions (ie. what it has to do) and out of each of those more detail as necessary and available. I could just use any old template and build from the centre out, but I want to use the 'correct' one if there is one available.

As noted, I'm not a complete noob, but definitely out of touch.

Any advice from those who know, and are significantly more knowledgeable than me, would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure about the sentiment flag, none seem to fit. I'm excited to give the software a try, but a bit lost on where to start (which is why I think an appropriate template would get me past the start line).


EDIT: Found this, in excess of 4000 templates, I will troll through those and see if there is anything useful (on the balance of probability you'd have to think there was something in that list that would be useful).

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Posted 7 months ago

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Hi Kevin,

That are interesting questions.

a) Can you use MindManager for software design?
b) What Template should you use?

Response to a)
Well as you know software is basically any combination of a few (or many) simple processes that do:
If This Then That.

So yes you can design any software whether it is data oriented or realtime processes with a tool like MindManager using process design facilities.

However.... many software developers use constructs like: DO-WHILE and DO-UNTIL etc.
To design (draw) those in a process requires a high focus and memory skills that, take care you don't forget something. So always include thourough testing.

A better design method would therefore be using something like Nassi-Shneidermann diagrams, where it is virtually impossible to design faulty software

Although you could create diagrams like this with the background objects, it is a lot of work.
Therefore I would look for specialized NS tools.
PS: If you want to learn more on how these NS diagrams work... Just Google lots of video's and even if they are in a different language, you will still understand the concept 

Response to b)
Are there templates for software design?
Yes there are process design examples.
Check the readme always to be sure it was designed for the same purpose as you need.
You could also create those yourself using the save as template functionality.

Keep us informed on what your results are.