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Please help beginners. How to start properly?
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Posted 7 years ago

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I purchased MJ month ago and despite I am experimented with Mindmanager and the Cloud  (iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, 1password...), and lots of hyper thinking stuff, I simply cannot do anything with it, ... and I came back to an old MM version. Today I did a new attempt, and, well, it is a nightmare:

As a start I just want to:
- share a map between my desktop, laptop & mobile and work with them everywhere - impossible.
- keep type settings and colors through - impossible (background turns white, so white text are invisible)
- delete a map (it simply does not!) - crazy 
- move a map to a folder - same! 
- there are locks, ok but why isn't possible to unlock when I want? 
etc.  etc. etc.
Aren't these basics features one should be able to learn intuitively?
Why is there no user's manual?

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Sorry to see you're having troubles using MindManager, I think a lot of things can be fixed by giving you some tips.

- sharing: Did you try to use the Mindjet Files platform for this? It connects with both MindManager for Mac and Windows and has integration with the Mindjet apps for iOS and Android and the webbased Mindjet appication. Exactly, what didn't work for you when using the Mindjet cloud? Maybe I can help?

- keep type settings and colors through: Yes, formatting on maps are exceptions on the default formatting unless you modify the map theme. For example, this means that changing all the substopic in a map to yellow will still allow the creation of the default grey subtopics if you add some new subtopics. Though the features for creating maps themes are limited on Mindjet for Mac, there are some options available if you search on 'Creating a custom Map Theme' in the Mindjet Help.

- delete a map / move a map to a folder: I this about the Mindjet cloud? Deleting and moving should be possible here, but maybe something went wrong? Any steps to reproduce this issue?

- locks: Yes, there are locks for Mindjet for Mac, Android and iOS apps when working on the Mindjet Cloud. Mindjet for Windows is the exception as it allows editing of a cloud map without locking the map. I think unlocking is only currently only possible from the same user and the same app as the one who locked the map.

Mindjet did some work on getting people started using tutorials in the newest instalment (14.2) of Mindjet for Windows, but this didn't translate to Mindjet for Mac yet. Unfortunately, Mindjet decided to stop updating the user guide a few versions ago.

Would some personal training be an option for you? Also, there are training partners around the globe who are certified by Mindjet (like myself). The training will cost you some money, but will also save you lots of time figuring out some of the features and how to apply them in your work.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Chris 

We have a free giveaway this month of one of our add-ins Cloud Connector for Dropbox for Mindjet MindManager  ( worth $60). 

 If you are using Dropbox send me an email and I will send you a copy and license key for three computers. This allows you to save your maps and documents to Dropbox and open,edit and save any map from any computer with our add in installed.