Subtasks in Rollups not in same order as in Map

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fist I have to mention that I use MM in German language, so I may use wrong expressions because I don't know them in English.

I created a map with multiple branches and want to create a Gantt project plan.
Saw a couple of tutorial videos and it worked great so far.

When creating the task-infos (so that the map-task gets the start and end-times) and open the Gantt, the order of the "tasks" in a branch is not the same order in the Gantt chart.
  1. I have to drag individual tasks up or down in the map, and then grab it again to bring it to its original position so that it has the same order in Gantt and Map.

  2. When I drag the individual task in the Gannt, the order in the map doesn't change at all.

  3. I could live with that when this is only so initially, but everytime a task is added and dragged to its proper place the whole order gets screwed over.
    Suddenly the first task is below their successors. And, maybe mot always, the whole group (rollup) has changed its position with another.

Extremely annoying.

How can I prevent that behaviour?

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Posted 6 months ago

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MM normally remembers the order that you use to place the topics in the map.
That is also used when using a different view (in your case Gantt)
So the best way is to maintain the order in ONE place. That keeps it the way you want it.

Maybe there is a setting in the options where you can change this. Why not try that and maybe use the help files?

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I looked for options, but there are none the MM options menu. The Gantt options doesn't have such either.
When starting the project planning and the Gantt view constantly changes it is quite hard to sort it in the right order.
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If this is MM2020, Gantt has an option to control the order of tasks. It is at the bottom of the options window (highlighted below, but this is the English version). You can sort the tasks in map order or in start date order.

It is normal for Gantt charts to sort tasks in order of execution so that the project starts at top left and finishes at bottom right. The Gantt view is a different view of tasks from the map; you may have other topics between the tasks which are not displayed in the Gantt chart.

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Yes, I am working with MM2020.
I tried this out yesterday as I haven't seen this option, it worked.

However, as I opened the map today with the standard option to sort in map order, all the errors I had yesterday where gone, the Gantt looked as wanted. Everything in the correct order.
Even when I tried to move entries, they moved back to its original position without screwing up. Yesterday this was possible.

Maybe there was a setting bug that was solved yesterday when I switched from map order to time order and back. I am happy that this works now.

Thanks Ary and Nick for help.