Syncing all your products needs to be top priority

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It ́s great that Mindjet is working on the whole Cloud working theme.

Generally i think what we - using Mindmanager 2012 and having paid our Software Assurance for 3 years in advance - would like to see full integration/synchronisation between:
Mindmanager Desktop (2012), Connect Vision, Connect Action + the Mobile Apps

Why? Here is an example:
I open a map that i have stored in Mindjet Connect with Mindmanager 2012 and create a task (or many).
Then i have to close the map in Mindmanager 2012, reopen it in Mindjet Connect Vision to send the task(s) to Connect Action.

That is clumsy enough but after that there is no possibility to synchronize the tasks back from Action => Vision => Mindmager 2012 and back again.

In other words: As soon as a task is in Connect Action (Cohuman) it is lost for Work in Connect Vision and Mind Manager 2012 desktop Version, not to speak of the mobile apps (There is not even a mobile app for Cohuman/Action for Android, even though Android phones and tablets far outnumber Apple Products).

Please make this full integration a top priority. Otherwise customers like us to whom Mindmanager 2012 and the possibility to pay the software assurance years ahead feel kind of ... not to well treated ;-)

And what i did not mention yet: we also need that to be able to resync tasks that were originally created in Outlook and included in a map. The Outlook Integration is one of the top features, and we - like millions? - will want to go on using that. You are certainly not going to push Outlook out of the market ;-)

So for all these reasons, full integration and automatic synchronisation between all the products should be top priority.

Kind regards, Carsten Lilge
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Carsten Lilge

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Posted 9 years ago

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Hello Carsten,

you are right. Not quick develop and forget, Sync to all Products is very important.

Best Regards

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I personally am just getting started, but use Mindmanager Desktop and would love to use the Action mobile app to add tasks to my mindmap.
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What are links between Vision and Action usefull for?

When you modify something in Vision, you could think it can update the the linked task in Action. But it duplicates the task, so the updating destroys the project.

Could it be fixed?
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I fully subscribe to the point of view of TS. I use MM2012 and Mindjet apps on iPhone and iPad.

For the time being, my workflow is like this: Create mindmaps for different projects and a personal dashboard with links to them in MM2012 >> add tasks >> send tasks to Outlook as task >> use iMExchange 2 app for iPhone/iPad instead of Mindjet Action as a client for working with my tasks when I am on the go. The mentioned app syncs tasks with my company exchange server. When I edit a task in the app, it is updated in my mindmaps after syncing with outlook.

It took a lot of reading, searching, trial and error to get this far. Would love to see full integration, but since there has been no official response to this topic I'm afraid we'll be talking MM2014 or MM2015 before we get there...

Ironically, the company that introduced me to MM and its possibilities through their task and project management courses have switched to Mindmeister combined with Google apps for managing their own projects because of this lack of cross-platform compatibilitiy and syncing. Their use of MM is reduced to brushing up mindmaps they have created in Mindmeister but that need to be published on their website or elsewhere...
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Steve Roberds

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Agreed. It is not sufficient to link the Task back to the topic in the Map. The task status in the Map must be synced to the status in Task (Action). The project tracking aspects of the Map are useless if this is only one-way communication. I cannot pay the prices requested of Mindjet's new model without this capability. It is a huge gap.
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Gilles Brassard

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I manage a 450 employees organisation and the only thing that retricts me from giving the go aheads to full deployment of Mindjet Connect within my organisation (which I think is fantastic concept of merging social aspect with project tasks prioritisation) is the fact that it does not allow for syncronisations of tasks with outlook.
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Ed MacKerrow

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Is it possible to sync local copies of MindMaps that I read/write in MindManager with my cloud copy of the same (synced) MindMap that I read/write with MindVision?

I am speaking here of the entire MindMap, not just tasks or actions.

I have searched the forum and not found anything yet... which surprises me since it seems like this would be possible...

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Will Hardman

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I notice that there has been no response from the Mindjet staff yet but I am keen to know whether the features described in this thread exist on the development roadmap. If they do, when may we expect full, two-way syncronisation between the entire product suite and Outlook?

I am in the same position as Gilles, Steve and Carsten above: I would love to roll the MM suite out and get it used on my projects but the lack of two-way synchronization with Outlook is crippling.

I need to be able to collaboratively plan using Mindjet, send the tasks to Outlook, assigning them to Exchange users who I have defined in the map, and then refresh the tasks from the Exchange server so I can track the project. When I can do that in Mindjet I will be typing up the business case immediately!

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Carsten Lilge

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A lot of the syncing problems have actually been addressed with the new integrated product suite that rolled out starting end of 2012.
But what is still left open:
1) You still basically have to decide if you want to work with Outlook or Connect to cooperate
2) That is especially true and disappointing if you want to make tasks dependent on each other. Than you can either do that in your map, see it in the integrated gantt view and synchronize that with outlook, but you can ́t sync that with Connect, because the dependencies get lost.
Or you can do the dependencies in Connect but there you have no gantt chart and the dependencies are not synced back to your map.
That definitely needs to be remedied, because dependencies and gantt charts are simply essential for project management.

And it is very disappointing that no one from Mindjet bothered to reply to this.