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NEW Option: Search the TAG in the attached or with a link readable *.pdf document

In a plan - in my working world a PID (Process Instrumentation Diagramm) theres a valve with the nr. "X23456". If I use the new option the attached readable *.pdf would be open and shows me icoloured directly this valve.

Every user how work with informations in *.pdfs wins a lot of time because he doesn't need:
- to open a external pdf programm
- put the name in the search
- zoom to the position

Here are a example in which I want to show you
what I mean with my idea.

used programms: MM2020 and pdf-Exchange Editor

I create 2 PIDs with Power Point and  then I export them to pdf/XPS dokuments. To search over all I create one pdf from this 2 pdfs, its a searchable pdf. 

So if I want to know in which PIDs was “CPL” I put the name into the search.

the result are blue highligthed

That’s a good way to find whatever you want in a pdf document, which is a basic option of the most pdf-programms.

At my work I must look for the steps to build a pharmaceutical plant. By this way I must create  specifications, get offers, ordering, expediting them, save and check drawings, installation and commissioning for a lot of things. This all by requirements of time and budget.

For this work I think Mindmanager 2020 is the best tool to do this
with all the interfaces to Microsoft Office

If I want to make the same with MM2020 the first idea for me was to save this document as an attachment inside the map. If I want to see in which PID the apparature is placed, I open this pdf with the external program and do what I write before.

In MM I create a topic and a TAG for every apparature and a topic PIDs with one attachment of the 2 PIDs

Click on the TAG and show only the informations of the TAG ... wonderful
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I'm wondering that I can edit all but after save - the last parts are lost.....
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Part 2 
on the TAG and show only the informations of the TAG ... wonderful

Only missing the PID of the apparatus. To get this information I must open the PID attachment outside MM and then I could search the apparatus in the PID. For one time its okay but I need this very much and in one PID could be 20 apparatus, so its not a good solution.

If I copy the PID as an attachment to every apparatus it’s a way but although not a good way, because the PID has maybe 20 apparatus and 1 MB great.... The map get greater and greater... and it’s a plan and by this way a change is normal, so I must change the attached pdf at 20 apparatus. That’s a no go.

My solution in the moment - I create a topic for every PID and assign the TAGs manual for every apparature.

If I now look for the TAG 2356 I be able to open directly the right PID in MM.

This way works but it is a stupid work which needs a lot of time to create and some mistakes may happen by doing it manual.

It works - but everywhere I hear we are living in a digital world.....

It would be a very great solution if its possible in MM:

-             when we attach a readable pdf in MM to have the  option to create TAGs in MM
               automatically from the TAGs inside the pdf. 
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Hi Jörg,

I think I'm starting to understand what you are trying to do, but it's still a little confusing. 

Part of the problem is your use of the term "tag", which is appropriate in MindManager but problematic when you talk about PDFs. This is because the term has a particular meaning in relation to PDFs: 

"Tags are the key to accessing a PDF document’s content with assistive technology. When a tagged PDF is created, each page element in the document is “tagged”. Each tag identifies the type of content and stores some attributes about it." (this is from https://accessible-docs.com/tagging-accessible-pdf/)

I take it that's not what you are trying to do here, and what you are calling "tags" in relation to PDFs are in fact text labels you have added to the diagrams when you created them in PowerPoint. These are searchable both within PowerPoint and Acrobat or PDF-xchange.. 

As I understand it, you would like to do the following:

1. Create PIDs in PowerPoint which are simple diagrams with text labels attached to the key elements.
2. Convert these diagrams to PDFs.
3. Attach or link these PDFs to topics in a project map in MindManager
4. Have MindManager scan these attached or linked PDFs and automatically tag them based on the text labels in the PIDs
5. Be able to search or filter the map based on the MM tags
6. Be able to click on any of the topics found in the search and be taken to the attached/linked PID 
7. Have the relevant labels highlighted within the PID.

The two steps, 4 and 7, which I highlighted in bold are the two which I don't think are possible. 

However, in relation to Step 4 you could use the technique I described on the other thread to use a Windows File Explorer search to search for and select all the PDFs containing the relevant text label. You could then drag or copy these onto a single topic on the the map and while they are still highlighted tag them collectively. You could then drag each of them individually to where you want them in the map. 

Unfortunately there isn't an easy workaround for step 7, as MindManager does not have that level of interaction with text or other elements in external documents.