task dependency handling not intuitive!

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I am trying to define a rough schedule and dependency graph for the next release of our software.

Trying to avoid having to directly dive into MS project I tried to come up with a first draft using MM (and then export that to an .mpp file to continue with), but I find MM's handling of task info complicated and hard to understand (to phrase it very politely...).

I don't understand why I can't define certain task dependencies. After selecting two tasks (BTW: on the same level) and assigning a dependency-type, these frequently seem to be silently ignored and disappear again. Is this a bug or a "feature"? If it's a feature (i.e. if there is some reason behind this), then an appropriate error message seems like the minimum feedback one would expect!

Specifically it seems impossible to define dependencies among roll-up tasks, but that capability is critical to be able to enter dependencies since dependencies often exist on a higher level and not on some basic leaf- or sub-task level. The subtasks tasks may not even exist, yet, while I am adding/refining the misc. subtrees and adding sub- and sub-sub-items.

The Gant chart also does not exactly appear to be very powerful or "editable". And for some again completely non-obvious reason some subtasks don't appear here - of course again without any error message or hint.

All in all: MM doesn't seem to be really usable for such pre-MS-project steps. :-(

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Michael,

I would like to have more information about issues dependencies being disappear and unable to define certain task dependencies.Are you sending  the task to Sharepoint or Outlook or Mindjet Task?
I was able to see the issue where we are unable to define dependencies among roll-up tasks.I have send this request to Product Management for further reviewing.

In Mindmanager 15 we do have more editable options such as   remove slack time  or adjust timeline features.

I have created a case # 00358513 for troubleshooting issues related to  task and dependencies.
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To be more precise: the dependencies did not "disappear", they weren't accepted or applied in the first place, i.e. after selecting the topics and a dependency type simply nothing happened.

If I select two topics and then assign e.g. dependency type "finish to start" then according to the manual it should define a dependency in the order in which the topics had been selected, i.e. here a dependency from the finish of the first topic to the start of the second topic.  This is normally also visualized as a relationship arc between the topics.

But for some reason this work for (or between) some nodes but not for others without recognizable reason, why it sometimes works and sometimes not. 

I was first puzzled, why I got no relationship arc for some dependencies that I had tried to enter. To check, whether it was just a question of visualization I opened the Gant view but there were only those dependencies that had an arc, but no dependencies for the others. I then also exported the subtree to an .mpp (MS project )file and again, the dependency did not show up there, either.

So my question is: why can I define dependencies between some nodes but not between others? I saw a list of conditions in the manual, but these don't seem to apply here - so there must be other or additional conditions (or the SW is buggy).

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Hi Michael,
This is not a problem but a valuable request for extra functionality specifically for the way you want to use the software.

MindManager reacts and functions exactly as my customers and I expect in our projects. We have no problems with dependancies etc.
We do have other requests for improvement and expect Mindjet or Third party addon suppliers will eventually provide them.

For this reason I urge Mindjet to regard today's functionality as the minimum and NOT to replace the current goodies with extra's that are valuable, but will only be used by some of us.