The Task Print function is not usefull

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Hi MindJet Team.

The print result for the tasks it ́s really useless.

Please take a look in this model, from a taskmanagement software (Asana).

thanks a lot for improving that.

best regards


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Posted 4 years ago

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Ary Velstra, Expert Trainer

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This is nothing but an idea, and I personally don't like the way the tasks are presented in your example. In this list I have to read down the whole list and that is not what I want when using mindmap-business map software.
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Dieter Borgert

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This is not a Ideia, but a customer reply explaining something that not works. and its useless.

Check out the way that Mindmap print out the tasks, before you comment something.

I cannot do anything with this list, without date, etc.

Your comment its also nothing but a simply reply. Useless also.

Waiting a usefull reply.
And probably a better view for the tasks print funtion.

Thank you
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Part of this information is already present. You just have to make sure it has been entered.

The above image shows the Task Name (Review requirements), the Project/Task List (Web Design Project), the Due Date (14/08/2016) and the Progress Indicator (25%)

So, the only bit that is missing is the Priority and the Check box. If the Due Date gets to close it changes to Amber/Red warning you so that will help with the Priority.

So the list is not quite as "useless" as you first stated although it could be improved.
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Dieter Borgert

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Hi Nigel

thank you also for your comments.
And also some remarks that helps to show some improvements opportunities.

  1. The design from the list can be improved. We have a lot of black space between lines. At the end, we have only 16 tasks per page, versus a opportunity from aprox. 34 tasks with a better design.
  2. Same topic from the same list can be agrouped, or displayed using only one line, and not two lines. Actually the list shows the task, and in the next line the list that belonging to. Also, two lines to shows something that can be put in the same line.
  3. the whole width of page can be used. Actually only aprox. 50% it ́s used
  4. Another point. The "due date" belongs to the task, and not to the task list, like actually are printed out.
Check box its something important for a printed version.

thake a look here.

thank you

best regards
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Dieter Borgert

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I really hope that you are not a Mindjet co-worker....
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Dieter, what is it that you don't like about the task lists? Is there information missing that you would expect to be on the list?

In your opinion, what are the strong points of the Asana task list that Mindjet could have a look at?
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Hi Mathias, good morning.

First of all thank you for the reply.

Related to the task list:
For me, what is missing is:
  1. Task priority
  2. Task due date
  3. Project name related to the Tasks
  4. a Small checkbox for check with pen.

Of course, a visual diagramation must be considered to. Please check the print out above.

With this, I think we can have the same level like Asana (or better).

I have another consideration, that I tried to sent directly to the management from Mindjet, related to your partners. I hope you can forward it also.

I cannot believe that a partner from Mindjet, called "Ary Velstra" can have (in name from Mindjet) so a online behavior like you can see bellow. A answer to a customer without any commitment, despising a question, its unacceptable.

After the disdain that they do to my comment, they delete the answer. This is another indicative from the ignorance of this guy. What can be hidden on the internet today?

Below you have the answer from Mr. Ary Velstra.

Thank you for the help. I ́m open to clarify and help in any point.

Best Regards