Timeline map is slow to respond, it lags

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I made a timeline of my project where I:
  • Utilize Taskinfo.
  • Smartrules to define the type of converstation or ToDo items.
  • Make relations between topics from time to time.
  • Insert appointments en e-mails directly from Outlook.
  • Use tags to organize my data.
The current filesize is around 800KB

What I have done so far:
  • Enable en disable the Smartrules
  • Disable the number of smartules
  • Removed all attachments that I saw under "elements"
  • Reduced the filesize from 6+MB to under about 700KB
  • It seems that the map running through the topics when I add or insert someting. 

  • What makes a large map (in MB's, et cetera).
  • How can I make the map faster?
  • Is there a way to mass disconnect Outlook-items?

Thanks in advance. 
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Posted 1 month ago

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So based on this I filed a support ticket. Unfortunately no response :(.

To see if I can resolve this, I decided to see if (and how) chopping up the map would work. To do this I added each month in my Timeline into a new map and made an "ONE MAP TO RULE THEM ALL"-map. I am going to see and try this for the next few weeks. 

One strange thing I see is that tags are greyed out. For this I am going to make a new topic in the forum. 

*Edit used a different method to divid the map, I managed to mantain the created tags. When inserted in the ONE MAP, there are still greyed out tags.

*Edit 2. I found out why markers are grey in the ONE MAP. It's because there were predefined markers in it. I removed those and now all are grey. This means the grey ones are "added" and not created in the map. Not what I expected, but still good to know. 
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In answer to your first post I've found that larger maps in which SmartRules and/or formulas are applied to a large number of topics do tend to run slowly.

In response to your second post, the text markers will be greyed out in a rollup map because the marker group has not been added to the Map Index and the markers are assumed to below to the General Tags Group. If you copy the marker group from the Map Index in the original map and add it to the rolled up map the markers will appear both in the index and in the map with the appropriate colours.

This contrasts with what happens if you simply copy all or part of a map to a new map. In this case all the markers and marker groups in the copied section will automatically appear with the correct colours in the new map and in the Map Index. This distinction in marker behaviour between maps based on a rollup and those with copied material seems a bit strange to me, but that's the way it is.
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Today I had a call with support to look at the problem. As a resolution I am going to work with Map Roll-up to see if that could work for me. I think it wil be a good solution based on what I see now. 

@Alex. That's what I found as well. There is no real rule when a map becomes slow. In this case there were too many markers, outlook-items and perhaps rules. I am going to keep that in mind when creating Timelines :).