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Would love to see a  time-stamp associated with each and every topic.
I live in Mindjet and use the ctrl shift D to enter a time-stamp into the note box
It would be VERY productive to have Mindjet OPTIONALLY add the ability to have a property associated with every topic that would include time-stamp of creation and time-stamp of last modification.   Am I the only user that would like this option.  the stamp could be visible with a mouse over /right;click
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Posted 5 years ago

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I also find this idea very interesting. I use a lot the Ctrl+Shift+D to add the date of creation and also time stamps about other dates when I add new comments.
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This would be really nice when working on online maps as well. Currently there's no way to trace back any changes in a map, only by explicitly creating a new version of a map before making any changes and then still you would need to manually compare the two versions.
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This has been suggested a few times in the past but unfortunately was never implemented. There are however a few workarounds that I can think of, but each has its own limitations and none of them are automatic in way proposed:

1. Use Ctrl+Shift+D in the topic notes. This is obviously easy to use once you memorise the shortcut but has the obvious disadvantage that it ties up Topic Notes and might be a bit messy if you want to use them for something else. Also you have to use advanced search options to search for topics created or edited on specific date as you can't use the power filter to find the contents of Topic Notes.

2. Create custom topic properties. You can create a default topic with two custom properties, say Date Created and Date Edited, both formatted with the date type. Save this topic as a default Map Part with the topic properties visible and with any other formatting and other features you want. When you insert the topic into the map click on the Date Created topic property. The current date should appear as the default and you just need to tick the box next to it. If you edit the topic on a subsequent date you can click on the topic properties but this time choose the Date Edited property and select the default date. This can create headaches if you want to use custom topic properties for other purposes and doesn't appear to be compatible with any task topics you want to sync with Outlook. Also as with the topic notes option you have to use the advanced search rather than the power filter to find anything

3. Use review comments. This is probably the simplest approach. All you need to do is create a new comment in the Comments section under the Review tab and to make life simpler you can add this command to the Quick Access Toolbar. These are date stamped and you don't have to add any text if you don't want to - just create the comment. You can create multiple comments on the same topic so all you have to do is create a comment when you first create a topic and another each time you edit it. You can use advanced search on comments but you can also use the Power Filter - in fact there is a specific tab set up to search on date. There are a few downsides - you will end up with a stack of comments if you edit a topic multiple times, though you can delete individual comments, and the comments aren't visible until you click on the comments icon, but they are still the easiest way to add a date stamp.

4. Use text tags. This approach isn't for the faint-hearted and depends on the MAP add-in. It is also best suited to fairly short-run projects. First create a topic called for example Date Created, then click on the Insert dated topic or topic range icon under Topic Properties in the MAP ribbon. When the Topics to Date(s) Options dialogue box appears, choose the option to Create Date Range and choose a start date and end date that will cover the span of the project involved (allow some leeway at the end in case the project runs over). Leave the Include Day of Week box unchecked and click the Continue button. A set of dates should appear in the map under Date Created topic. Then in the MAP ribbon click on the Sub-Topics to Markers icon and the text tag group with tags for each date should appear in the Marker Index. Make this group mutually exclusive. Now repeat the same steps using a Date Edited topic, but with one important change - this time click on the Include Day of Week box. You have to do this because in Mind Manager each text tag has to be unique, even if they belong to separate tag groups. These tags will be easily visible in the map and are also available both advanced search and Power Filter.