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Dear Community!
First of all: Mindjet Manager is a great tool and I really enjoy it! Thanks!

I am using it in different settings, e.g. as my "to do list"

Here comes my problem: I can't find a way to use my "to do-mindmap" in a mobile setting (iphone, ipad, android)...
I know that I can
- export as html to a cloud (doesn't work for me because I don't want to make a manual export everytime, it has to be automatic and I also want to able to add points to my mindmap)
- use a mobile mindjet app (the apps aren't reliable at all)- make a connection with zapier and some other app (i tried this, but it didn't really work out for me, maybe because of missing knowledge how to set up the connection. also i don't like to use another service [though i would if necessary])- make an outlook share point (somehow it isn't working as I imagine: I have different branches e.g. weekdays, and there are different subbranches e.g. tasks, so outlook e.g. is just taking over the workdays but I would like to have the branch structure for example as a list with intented subpoints...)
At the moment i copy my mindmap to one note (as a graphic or as text) but its not a good way...

Do you have the same experience? Do you have a solution?
Thanks for your help!
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Peter Mueller

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Posted 2 years ago

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For the very few mind maps, I would like to edit on my iPhone, I'm using the iOS app with Mindjet-Files. Most often I synchronize between my laptops via OneDrive. The latter requires me to edit one map on one laptop at a time solely and look out for synchronization. But there are no other people, I need to collaborate with, hence this restriction doesn't harm me.
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Not sure if I am getting the issue correct, but why don't you just assign a tasks to you todo map then use the mobile platform for the sync task on the mobile app?  Not sure if that helps or not.
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Peter Mueller

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Thanks for your input.
At the moment I am doing it like Detlef Huß suggested: using a combination with onedrive the (bad) mobile app. I will try the sync task app - the thing is: I enjoy having the overview in a mindmap and i think a normal task list isn't what i am looking. But I will see...
I hope that mindjet update their ipad app!
Thanks a lot!
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A lot depends on whether you want to edit and update maps on your mobile device or just view them as maps. If it's the former you are pretty much stuck with the MindManager mobile apps. If it's the latter than one option to consider is iThoughts, which is available for iOS devices as well as Windows and Mac computers.

While not in the MindManager league, iThoughts is a reasonable mind mapping program in its own right. It can also read and write MindManager files, though because it changes the formatting a bit I wouldn't recommend using it to "roundtrip" files, especially complex ones. However it will give you a good interactive overview of a map on an iPad or iPhone. It's also a good app to generate maps with quickly while travelling, for example to record notes during a presentation, which can be easily imported later into MindManager.

Another suggestion: if your maps are getting too large and complicated to view on an iPad or iPhone you can create and download a separate dashboard map incorporating just the key elements of the main map. You could also create several dashboard maps as snapshots of different sections of the main map and download these to your phone.